Monday, July 14, 2008

Missing a cigar (butt)?

So tonight CC & I went to eat dinner at a restaurant which shall remain nameless. Now, when it first opened, this place was amazing! Lately though it's gone downhill quickly, and we leave disappointed every time. Well, we're tired and we were hungry and hadn't been in a while, so we both went to give it one last try and we each got a basket of fries and chicken fingers.

I had given up on my meal (it tasted weird, but I was hungry and ate about half) and went to consolidate my basket with the empty bread basket when I lifted off the tissue paper (that sits between your food and the basket) to find an unsual and unwanted present.

There was an old cigar butt in my basket! Gross was an understatement! It was so nasty that not even the manager had words. Fortunately, she was thoroughly disgusted and embarassed and ate the cost of our meal (CC's too). Needless to say, I think I've officially given up on this restaurant, despite the kind manager, Katee. Poor Katee. Ugh.

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