Monday, December 28, 2009

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

CC and I had a lovely Christmas this year. It was a strange one what with working almost up until the last second on Christmas Unwrapped (a major event for our church and community). I didn't bake ANYthing, which in and of itself is quite bizarre for me.

CC's parents and his younger brother, Dave, and Dave's wife, Merrill, were here for Christmas. We adore them all and had such a blast being together. (We missed Steve, Adrienne, and our nephews who couldn't come this year.)

This week (the week after Christmas) CC & I are off from work. Boy, did we need it too! This will be CC's longest vacation ever (19 consecutive days off), and we are enjoying it! Today we're seeing the new Sherlock Holmes movie with a friend of ours, and that's all we've planned for today. We are loving it!

Every year as we put away our Christmas decorations, we have a tradition where we write ourselves a letter for next year. The original purpose of it was to remind ourselves what, if anything, we were going to be missing for the following Christmas (ex: Remember to buy another tree bag, or You need a new Christmas welcome mat.). Over the years it's evolved into guessing what we think the following year will teach us or bring. For example, one year we thought it would be a year of blessings financially (and it was), another year we thought we'd grow even closer than ever (and we did). So far we haven't really been wrong, but it's always a fun tradition we enjoy. Also, usually it's CC that comes up with our guess for the upcoming year.

I say all this because I really wonder what our guess will be for next year. We will take down our Christmas tree and other decorations later this week so we haven't written our annual note to ourselves yet, but I can't wait to see what we come up with for next year!

What do you think the coming year will bring?

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