Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Catching Up

I haven't updated in a while simply because, while we are extremely busy, it's just more of the same. Who wants to read about that?! However I have been asked to update, so update I shall! And with that, the catching up begins!

We sold our house in May and moved to the apartment neighborhood we lived in just before we bought our house four years ago (I know, funny.). We are very much enjoying everything about it, especially the much shorter commutes to work. The only real bummer about where we live now is that Target is a farther away drive than the five minutes it used to take (yes, it is now a whopping ten minutes away).

Scout is doing well and as cute as ever.

CC and I took our first real vacation last month. We had a blast at a theme park and a water park and a colonial area. Our favorite thing we did was to go on a dolphin watching tour. We saw many dolphins and a really cool thunderstorm with lightning and thunder and monsoony rains (yes, all that on a metal boat in the middle of the ocean!). It was an amazing testimony of God's awesomeness! I can't wait to do it again.

Things are crazier than ever at work for both of us, so our joke is "See you in November!" (when things calm down, sort of, for both of us) :-D

Well, I guess that's about it for now. Oh and I am running a 5k next week. Very nervous and doubtful I'll be able to run the entire thing, but it's a start!

Oh and I turned a big number last week! We had a party with friends and celebrated with Hand & Foot and sangria! A very fun way to celebrate, I thought.

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Jan said...

I love being updated on you and what's going on. Great post! I hope to see more of them and can't wait to hear about your 5k. You're going to do great!