Saturday, August 28, 2010

Only Me

This morning I ran my very first ever 5k. Okay, well I walked/jogged/ran it, but I finished! It was definitely a comedy of errors that occurred, but to repeat, I finished it! My sweet hubby went with me for moral support which I greatly appreciated. Many friends called or emailed to offer support and prayer. I felt very loved going into it, so thank you.

We left early this morning to get to the park in plenty of time to spare. The idea was to arrive with a full 30 minutes before the run so I could check in, stretch, warm up, etc. Well Google maps let us down and we were given wrong directions! Fortunately I had the website printed so I called the only number I could find which happened to be a cell number (What did we ever do without cell phones?!). The poor man on the other end was super nice and tried to be helpful, but he couldn't tell me directions. We ended up using the GPS on my phone to figure it out and finally arrived-- with 5 minutes until the run!

CC peeled into the parking lot and I practically jumped from the car to check in in time to run. I got checked in and CC made it in time to see me take off. The course was not well marked to me and extremely confusing for a beginner. They had us run one way, do a loop, run another way for a LONG time, then you ended up back where the beginning was to finish.

Well I did my loop and headed back to the finish line and was offered water. Twenty minutes to run a 5k seemed too good for me, so I spent about five minutes trying to figure out how I was already done. I found CC and he helped me realize I was only halfway done! But where did the other runners go?! I couldn't see anyone else running, so my sweet support sent me in the right direction and having lost only five minutes, I started back again! Yep, only Susan would take a 5 minute hiatus in the middle of a 5k! :-P

The second half was much more difficult than the first half. The course was not at all what I was expecting, because I figured we'd be running on sidewalks around the soccer fields. Boy was I oh so very wrong! It was a CROSS COUNTRY 5k! We had no pavement at all and ran on sand, dirt, gravel, grass, anything but the smooth concrete I was expecting. Oh what a funny day!

I did finish in about 45 minutes (still waiting to find out my official run time), not including my little break in the middle. Everyone was super nice and helpful, but I am looking forward to doing my next 5k with a little more preparation beforehand!


Andrea said...

Congratulations! I know it felt good to finish that race. I'm thinking about starting the Couch Potato to 5K myself- I need to get moving again!

Jan said...

Way to go! You finished it! I'm so proud of you! Despite the rocky morning and getting there just in time, the strange pavements throughout, and the confusing course, you did it. YOU DID IT! :)