Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I heard about black bean brownies about 4 months ago and have been wanting to try to make them. The real reason I wanted to try them is because I am always looking for ways to get us to eat healthier, especially my hubby, who is generally opposed to many foods (you call that a picky eater!).

I knew I couldn't make them while he was home, or he'd figure it out and not get near them (He doesn't like beans of any kind, unless they are green beans.). I knew I had to make them at a time when I could use the food processor, clean it,and put it away before he wondered why I used a processor to make brownies. I had to be very sneaky!

The recipe is very simple, but since I had to be so sneaky about it, I had to wait until just the right time to make them. Yesterday I was surprised to find I had the day off (no electricity at work means no work for Susan!). CC was at work so this was perfect!

The recipe tells you to puree in a blender a regular sized can of black beans and then mix that with brownie mix and bake according to the brownie mix directions. Easy peasy! I read a few of the comments which suggested draining and rinsing the beans, then adding clean water back to the can before pureeing. That sounded really smart so that's what I did.

I tasted the raw batter to see if I could tell the beans were in there and it tasted yummy, like normal brownies! They smelled normal while baking, looked normal, and were DELICIOUS!

The trick is to let them cool completely before eating them. They don't taste beany if they're still warm, but it is an odd taste along with the chocolate flavor. We both loved them and CC never knew how healthy the brownie was (The mix was reduced-fat, so he thought that's why I called them 'healthy brownies!').

Well me being me, I couldn't keep that secret, so I finally confessed later last night. He guessed and guessed what was in it, and finally after about 15 minutes of straight guessing, he couldn't believe it!

If he can get past the mental image of his eating beans, I think we have a new favorite recipe! The brownies were very cake-like and extremely chocolatey (Chris said he couldn't even finish one they were so rich to him.). I prefer my brownies fudgey, not cake-like, but for a healthy brownie it was amazing! Even I was pleasantly surprised.

Of course, now he's on to me, so we'll see if I can continue to be sneaky without his suspecting me!

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Jan said...

I just saw that recipe recently too (can't remember where though). I've been wanting to try it myself, but Jason hates beans as well. Good to know that you pulled one over on your hubby. I'll have to try it out. :) Thanks for posting about this!