Thursday, September 23, 2010


Despite having had surgery to correct a deviated septum when I was younger, I have remained chronically stuffy. Several of my adult female friends have discovered the answer to many of their healthy problems boiled down to simple food allergies.

While at the doctor a few weeks ago, I asked her if it would be possible and worth it to get tested just to see if that's why I am usually congested. She had me tested and yesterday my results came back.

I am very mildly allergic to cow's milk, eggs, and peanuts. Fortunately these are very mild allergies, but she suggested I could cut these things out and see if it helps, which I plan to do. The good news is I'm not a big fan of peanuts or peanut-related foods, so I wasn't too heartbroken over that. The cow's milk and egg situation is much more scary to me. I'm not sure how to completely eliminate those two items since they exist in so many foods.

I'm going to try, and the first step was trying soy milk in my mocha this morning. The barista let me taste the soy milk first to decide if I wanted to order it in my mocha. It was vanilla flavored and surprisingly VERY good! I loved it and immediately asked for my mocha with soy milk. Not sure if it was being heated up for a hot drink or what, but I hated it in the mocha! The aftertaste grossed me out and I couldn't even finish the drink. Sadness.

At least I experimented (might try it iced next time to see if that helps), and will continue to try to eliminate the milk and eggs to see if it helps.

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Jan said...

Very proud of you for getting tested and trying to figure out some changes you can make. Yay for trying the soy milk. Only wish you liked it in the hot mocha. Darn! Praying you'll find some solutions and that eliminating these foods from your diet will make all the difference in the world.