Thursday, September 02, 2010

Best Friends For Life

Almost every week Scout goes to my aunt's house for what we call "Grandma Camp." This is a fun visit for my aunt and a much-appreciated break for CC and me. Scout comes home exhausted from playing with Mary's three cats and due to her exhaustion, she is VERY obedient for a couple days after she gets home.

Her best friend in the whole word is her boyfriend, Taz, one of my aunt's cats. They're about the same age (same energy level) and love to play together, chasing and pouncing and biting for days on end.

I thought this was a hilarious picture! Apparently Scout was sent to time-out (or jail, as my aunt calls it) and Taz was visiting. They look like they're talking through the bars!


Jan said...

That is funny! I'm laughing that she's in the bottom kennel (not that you would put her in the top one, but that it appears there are others on top of hers so that she really can't escape). LOL! What a sweet visit!

Andrea said...

That's really cute!