Saturday, September 18, 2010

Pillowcase Project

I have been asked to teach sewing to some teenager friends of mine, as part of their extracurricular activities for homeschool. Their mother and I thought it'd be a great idea to start with a pillowcase, since it's pretty easy and the girls are redecorating their rooms now that they are in high school (older).

Me wanting to be a good teacher, I wanted to make one first so I know what I'm teaching. I haven't made a pillowcase since middle school (more than 15 years ago), but I remember it as my first sewing project and I remember too that I loved that pillowcase. What a sense of accomplishment to know you've made something yourself (and the fabric was a super cute stripe)!

I went to the local fabric store yesterday and wasn't impressed with any of the pillowcase patterns I found. After talking with JoAnne (oh the irony!) at the cutting counter, I figured out a way to make my own pattern.

I washed and dried my fabric (1 1/4 yards for a queen-sized pillowcase) yesterday and started today. I finished two pillowcases in under four hours! Yippee! If I say so myself, they are super cute! More importantly, I think the girls will be intrigued by the fabric.

So in case you're curious, here's what I did:

After washing, drying, and trimming the edges, I folded one of the short ends of the fabric over 1/2" and ironed. Then I folded the fabric over 4" and sewed the hem with a 1/4" seam allowance. Next I attached the ribbon by pinning it 2 1/2" from the finished edge. I sewed 1/4" seam allowance on both sides of the ribbon and trimmed the edges of the ribbon.

I then folded the fabric right sides together and sewed the long end of the fabric and the unfinished short end of the fabric. I trimmed the corners to get rid of some of the bulk, then flipped it right side out. Easy!

I had the idea to add some satin ribbon flowers to the ribbon finish on each pillowcase to add something fun for the girls. I think it might add a feminine touch and still be cute and girly. I ran out of satin ribbon in the cocoa color so I am going back today to get some more to try the flowers.

What do you think? Should I leave them alone or add the flowers?

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Jan said...

So cute! I love your fabric and the satin ribbon looks great on them! I can't wait to hear how your "class" goes. The girls are going to have so much fun and learn a lot from you (heck, I learned to sew from you and I think I'm getting pretty good at it). :) As for the flower...while it will look super cute, if these are pillowcases to sleep on at night, the flower would get in the way. If they are decorative pillowcases, definitely add the flower.