Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Standing My Ground

I told Chris last night that I refuse to do laundry anymore. I am tired of it and it is never done!

I always get it all done in one day (my day off each week) so I don't feel like it drags throughout the week, but we've been so busy (and sick!) that I've had to work on it as I'm home and have enough time to run a load. Well I got everything done this past Saturday except for one stinkin' huge load of random stuff that has to be FOLDED! This is the worst load to me every week-- I hate folding, and I especially hate putting socks together. Ugh!

Well my sweet husband said last night that we needed to finish that last load and he would help me fold it (because when I'm fed up, he's sweet and helpful like that). That's when I declared our house a Laundry-free zone. No more would we do laundry or have clean clothes and towels.

In all honesty, I do not think I will win this war against the laundry (I like to smell clean and fresh as much as possible.), but I am sure going to try! I might even hold out until Friday (my next day off and when I usually do the laundry)!


Jan said...

This post made me laugh so hard! I want to boycott laundry too! :)

Susan said...

I sure tried to, but like I thought, it didn't last. Oh well.