Monday, June 20, 2011


I have a confession to make. Yes, I'm going to confess my deep, dark, not-so-secret addiction here... in public.

I am addicted to Starbucks! There! Whew, I said it!

I am shamefully addicted to their mochas-- hot in winter, iced in summer. I have been trying to come up with (cheaper) solutions at home, but so far nothing has satisfied my addiction. I really think I need a Starbucks Anonymous group. I swear these groups must exist now (Do you think they meet at Starbucks to discuss their Starbucks addiction? Oh the irony that would be.).

It's really quite sad. I do the math in my head all the time of the money we could be saving if I could stop the madness, but my foot keeps hitting the gas pedal to get me there that much faster. I can't quit you, Starbucks! Oh the insanity!


Andrea said...

There are worse addictions my friend, much worse! I cannot recreate a mocha at my house if I tried!

Susan said...

So right, Andrea! I tried last night to recreate one with my Tassimo. It was okay, but definitely not the same. Chris kept sending me recipes he found from Google. They don't seem the same though, so we'll see.

Jan said...

We share the same addiction. Do you own a gold card too? :)

Have you tried this recipe?
People are rating it as tasting so close to the same thing (might be worth a try). Picked a cold version since it's summer, of course. :)

{cuppakim} said...

omgsh. LOVE your blog! thanks for sending me the link! total starbucks addiction here as well!!

my sister got this AMAZING machine - a Nespresso Citiz.

I'm saving up to buy one next month.

Honestly, best latte i have EVER EVER EVER had. Even better than starbucks.

It's true.

Susan said...

Kim, I've never heard of such a machine? I will hit up Google right away! I drink lattes from my Tassimo at home all the time, but mochas at Starbucks. For me, it's mostly about the milk and sugar I drink with a little splash of coffee. I know. I'm strange.