Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Criminal Minds...

Last Saturday I went to balance the checkbook before a happy trip to Target. Well lo and behold, in our pending transactions list online, existed a random and bizarre cash withdrawal of $500 which occurred in Hollywood, CA! In case you are not aware, I do not live anywhere remotely near Hollywood (if I did, believe me, I would be waitressing tables while I waited to break into show business). I asked my Husband if for some odd reason in the night, he flew to Hollywood to withdraw cash and came home before I noticed. He did not.

We immediately called the bank and reported the THIEF who somehow withdrew cash from an ATM even though my ATM card was in my possession at the time. We had to file a police report, attempted to file another one with Hollywood (who was not at all nice or helpful), checked our credit reports, put a fraud alert out there to whoever checks our credit reports, and transferred money from our emergency fund (praise Jesus for that!) so that our now not-so-happy-but-still-need-the-break Target trip could still happen.

Monday my sicko self (I have the worst cold in the history of all cold-dom. Feel sad for me.) went down to 'dispute the transaction' with the nice bank lady. The bank is being very helpful and extremely kind in the face of this criminal insanity, for those of you wondering.

The crazy thing to me is not just that this could even happen (stupid smart criminals!), but how much time and energy and effort it's taken on our part to resolve this. The thief stole much more than just our money.

We have seen blessings throughout which is a wonderful thing. Our friends had the same thing happen to them on the same day (same bank), except their money was stolen in Vegas. Go figure. We are thankful nothing bounced, we caught it right away, we still had our emergency fund, despite the thief trying multiple times to get more money out (yay for a daily limit of cash you can get from the ATM- which is $500 people).

Craziness. Moral of the story? Check your bank accounts on a regular basis. I typically balance our accounts at least twice a week, but you can better believe we've been checking every day so far. Also, it is hard to go shopping without a debit card. I am waiting for my new one to arrive.

So there you go. Bizarre, right?

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Jan said...

I am so sorry you're having to experience this. Certainly a lesson for all reading your post (to check all accounts regularly). So weird how you and your friend had this happen on the same day (banking at the same place), yet both of you (at least you) still had your card in your possession. How does that happen?