Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Got Milk?

Last night I was craving a brownie. To be specific, a chewy, fudgy, not boring brownie that required a giant cold glass of milk. Well, I only had a very plain boring box of brownie mix, which wasn't going to satisfy the craving I had. I decided to use the creative part of my brain and mix in some additional things. I added a whole bag of milk chocolate chips, as well as the leftover Rice Krispies cereal I had (I made Rice Krispy treats last weekend and didn't want to just toss the remaining cereal.). I wish I'd had mini marshmallows or caramel for the brownies, but I didn't.

Well we waited and waited for them to bake and then cool down before tasting them. They were SO GOOD! The cereal added a really fun and delicious crunch, and the chocolate chips added extra gooeyness! I definitely got what I was hoping for, including the giant glass of milk. So delicious!

I had to get the rest of the pan out of the house before we ate them all, so I brought them into work this morning. The entire rest of the pan was gone in less than half an hour. Yay for a successful experiment! Do you do anything different with your plain ol' boring brownie mix? I'd love to know your ideas!


Chris said...

The whole bag?! Nice!!

Jan said...

I wish I was creative to think of cool things like that. I guess I just follow the rules...I mean recipe. I might look up something cool online that someone else has tried and follow that recipe though. Do I get points for that? :)

Susan said...

Of course you get points, Jan! That's typically all I do anyway. I have a horrible time typically thinking outside the 'box' of a recipe. That's why I had to post- because this time I tried to get crazy and it was hugely successful! (Still wish I'd had the marshmallows or caramel though...)