Monday, July 25, 2011

Catching Up

Today I'm at home, hanging with the Schnuzz, since I decided I needed recovery from last week. I know folks with kids won't sympathize, but when you don't have children and you're not used to that much energy, hanging out with 300 kids all week gets to be a bit much! (Also since my boss is still on sabbatical for only two more weeks, it seemed like the right time to take a mental day.)

So today the hubby's at work and I am home, pretending this is what I get to do all the time. I have discovered the happiness that is Instagram, but am still trying to figure it out. So with that in mind, I have iPhone photos and real camera shots to tide you over until I get with the program! :-)

This morning I pretended I was friends with Ree (THE Pioneer Woman. Who is about to start her own Food Network show that I am super stoked about! I bet her first recipe will be iced coffee goodness!). I made her monkey muffins and had me a glass (or two. or as I'm writing this, three. Or is it four?) of iced coffee. I only feel lots jittery but I switched to the decaf, so I might sleep tomorrow. We'll see. Anyhoo, I also made eggs in the muffin tin (I got that one off Pinterest, but it still felt PW to me.). Yum-ola!

Then I had lots of snuggles with my little Scout. Or is it Schnuggles? Yes, let's say that! Here is my photo montage to my furbaby.

Aren't you loving her groom? I am not, which is why I'm looking for another groomer. Please let me know if you know of someone.

Aren't you just as in love with her? Yes I know you are.

I would like to interrupt myself to let you know that I am wearing a dress today. You may not realize exactly how big a deal that is, but it's a very big deal. I have been wanting to wear a dress lately (because it's so stinkin' hot you just don't want to wear anything, but you have to!), but every time I wear a dress to work, everyone thinks I'm interviewing somewhere else (as if!) or someone died (not their fault, there usually is a funeral happening if I'm wearing a dress.). I pretty much live in my t-shirts and jeans, but I'm trying to expand. So anyway, I'm wearing a dress. Yay! Nobody's here to see it but Scout is enjoying it, I just know it!

Okay so where were we? Oh yes, we were here...

I know right! Doesn't it look delicious? I was thinking of doing cupcakes, because then I could take the leftovers to work tomorrow. The bad news? I'm out of eggs thanks to this morning's pioneering dream. Sigh. Maybe I can buy eggs tomorrow. I refuse to go out today since I'm at home. Some days you just need to stay home, you know?

I'm a foodie. If you know me at all, you know this to be true. Food Network Magazine, Martha expensive (Martha Stewart Living), Martha cheap (Everyday Food), People, Real Simple, and on and on goes my magazine subscription list. (Have I mentioned I also love magazines?) Okay well all that to say that sometimes a food magazine will show inside a person's fridge and I have fun with those. I'm always curious-- it's like looking into shopping carts at the store, maybe it's my Psych degree I never use, but I love it. So here's something for you- my fridge!

Now keep in mind this is the cheap apartment fridge we now have, not the one we used to have in our old house that I'd dreamt of owning for over a year. Yes, I told you I'm obsessy-sessed with the iced coffee. The gallon jug holds the liquid gold for the mornings, the lame pitcher holds the decaf. The pitcher on the right is holding the sweet cream goodness (one of my yard sale finds from last week!). And yes, I see that my baking soda needs to be replaced. I'm getting right on that... right now...

Anyway, there you have it! A little more about me and my day today. I'm itching to get back to work tomorrow so that's good. Two more weeks until sabbatical's over! Yippee! And less than three weeks to go before my birthday! Double-yippee! (CC, you better get on that birthday season planning! We should be partying already!)


Chris said...

I think I'm going to have to stop at the store and pick up a few energy drinks to throw back before I get home just so I have some hope of keeping up with you tonight.

{cuppakim} said...

love that you joined instagram! Woo!

Scout looks adorbs. :) I kinda like it.

And that is a LOT of iced coffee. YUM. But all that work (and straining) it better make a lot! You were smart to whip up a batch of decaf as well!

Jan said...

I'm dying to know what "monkey muffins" are (link to recipe, please). And where's the picture of you in your dress (haven't you ever heard of taking pictures of yourself in a mirror). Only kidding. I'm sure you look so cute though!!! I laughed so hard at CC's comment. You have an amazing husband who knows you well and wants to be right there with you (caffeine fix and all). :)

Susan said...

Thanks, Kim! Scout's able to look cute no matter how she's groomed, but I hate that her beard and mustache are almost nonexistent!

Jan, Monkey Muffins are monkey bread baked in muffin tins. Very delish! Here's the link for you:

No photos of me in a dress (I can't have that, now can I?!), sorry!