Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fun! Fun! & More Fun!

Friday night was such a blast! I told you my team would dominate in cards, and I was right (Yay for being right!). ;-) I had grand plans to get lots of photos but alas, here's the only one I got:

I know right?! One of our friends that came to play caters and we wondered what she was going to bring. KEY LIME CUPCAKES! Sooooo good! They had key lime pudding in the middle, and the frosting was key lime, and oh, so good! Yeah, she's amazing. She totally whipped these gorgimous, magazine photo-ready cupcakes together after a full day of work. Oh yeah, and she made some killer salsa. And she was my partner so she also was a winner big-time that night. Happy sigh.

Saturday we went to see the final Harry Potter movie (no we didn't cry though some reviews said we would- hearts of stone, people) and ate at the new Wich Which at Brier Creek. Yummy! I love that place. They have one of the best strawberry pineapple milkshakes EVER. No exaggeration there.

It was nice to have a fun relaxing couple of days. It's been so nutso this summer that it was nice to just play.

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Jan said...

Didn't know Which Wich had milkshakes. Now I have to go back. :)

The cupcakes are gorgeous! Definitely magazine photo ready. They sound amazing too!