Friday, July 15, 2011

I Think I Could Live On This...

Tonight we are having friends over for dinner and cards. If you don't know what Hand & Foot is (similar to Canasta, I'm told), then get over here pronto! It's a very fun, addictive card game that we play ALL. THE. TIME. It's going to be an awesome night-- good food, fun friends (who all happen to serve with us in ministry), and an epic card battle that my team will win. (Do not argue with me on this; my winning streak of one game will continue tonight!)

Anyhoo, we have about 13 folks coming over or so, and this is what I made for din-din. Everyone is contributing to the meal, but with the insanity that was triple digit temps this week, I wanted to do something that 1) didn't require the oven or stove during said night, and 2) could be made in advance (no clean-up after the fun). After having this yet again today (I snuck some, you know, to test it and make sure it wasn't poisonous.), I am pretty sure I could live off of this salad. It's got the protein, the fresh veggies, the pasta, the lemon, and the cream. Oh the goodness that is the lemon and the cream! Yummy!

Okay so the original recipe is from Ina (aka- Barefoot Contessa to you, to me she's better known as my BFF): Lemon Fusilli With Arugula.

What I do differently is that I use baby spinach instead of the arugula (easier to find and usually cheaper), and I add chicken (about a pound of cooked chicken with s&p) to make this more of a light entree.

So here are the lemons (Because I love them so!) and two of my very favorite kitchen tools: my very beloved Microplane and Reamer. Can you feel the love?

Mise en place:

And some fun photos of the process (remember, these were taken on my apparently old school iPhone, so please forgive that they aren't beautimous)...

This is the lemony creamy goodness that makes the pasta for me:

The goodness and the pasta together:

Adding the rest and mixing in the biggest bowl I have in the house!

See how small my gigantor bowl looks compared to the food? This is why Ina and I are besties-- because every one of her recipes makes enough to feed an army. Which is good when you are, in fact, feeding an army. An army for Jesus. (too much?)

And here's the finished product... which is now in my happy tummy.

Ta Da! Now did that make you hungry or what?!

And because you like photos and because I can, here are my loves from last night... a great start to Friday I think!


{cuppakim} said...

that lemon pasta salad LOOKS and SOUNDS good. so fresh and tasty! And it sure does make a TON :)

Jan said...

The dinner sounds amazing! YUMMY! Is that what you made for us the night we brought Brody home from the hospital? If so, I LOVED that recipe!!! Have fun!

Andrea said...

Stop the madness!! That looks divine- right up my alley! Have fun tonight!