Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New Looky Look!

I have been freaking out now that my dear bloggie's readership has now increased! I am so excited that anyone would care about my blog! Thank you to those that read it!

Due to the excitement (and the fact that I get bored so easily), Hubby and I changed the look of Bloggie last night. I think it's a bit more contemporary, but what do you think? I do love what CC did with the title of my blog. I think it looks really awesome! Thank you, Babe! We also changed some of the settings so hopefully if you're trying to follow me or use Google Friend Connect, that will hopefully be working now.


{cuppakim} said...

look at you mrs. fancy pants! looks so cute! and love that you used the @ symbol. :) kinda looks awesome next to old timey pemberley!

Andrea said...

LOVE the title. Very cool. And I love a white background- so clean and bright looking. I was thinking of making my blog lighter and brighter too!