Wednesday, July 13, 2011


So last night my poor hubby had a work release (some kind of tech lingo that I try desperately to keep up with. Sometimes I do better than other times!), which to me basically means I don't see him all day or night since he works until the wee hours of the AM.

My night was spent in the following ways...

This is most definitely what professionals are for.

By the way, if any of you know exactly where to find the OPI Teenage Dream (yes, sadly, the Katy Perry line) nail polish, please let me know. Target didn't have it yesterday.

Then I made this in hopes that my hubby would come home before I fell asleep on the couch... yummy, but definitely nothing made from scratch.

After this it was mostly reading this, which I finished and can move on to book 3...

And hanging out with the adorable cutie cuteness that is my furbaby.. I mean really, how could you not love this face?


{cuppakim} said...

Yay! Pictures! Love this post. I am the same way with my nails...I paint them occasionally, but try to leave it to those who know what they are doing! Fun color, is it one of the Lincoln Park colors? (Lincoln Park After Dark?)

Fur baby is sweeeeet! What is his/her name? :) Schnauzer love!

Chris said...

I'm sad I missed all the fun with you, especially the cake :), oh, and being with you of course.

jan said...

Yum on the cake! Love the nails (try eBay if you can't find it locally...always a good deal), love your company (even though it would be even better with hubby there as well) and I can't believe there are still Lori Wick books out there that you haven't read. LOL!

Susan said...

Thanks, Jan! Nope, I've read all the Lori Wick books. Remember that about twice a year I reread them all? I'm doing that now.