Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Soooo Tired!

This week has been insanity to the infinity power! Among normal life, VBS is this week (I refuse to call it Camp Adventure. VBS holds so many wonderful memories for me, that VBS it shall remain.). VBS entails 300 active children, about 175 volunteers attempting to wrangle said children, lots of friends to talk to while I should be doing other things, and on and on...

Needless to say, I am taking the next two minutes to breathe (and type).

Here's the quick little update for those of you curious... (in no particular order except as they come to my mind)

1. We've been playing keep-away with Scout and her ball this week. This makes for one well-exercised, very snuggly puppy. Schnoodle love abounds! Also, she got groomed today so now she looks like a rat. A dry rat. Eww. But she's still adorable.

2. I have now become obsessed with iced coffee, nail polish, and earrings. My husband is very afraid for himself that his wife is turning into the biggest girlie girl in the history of girlie girlness. Oh and Pinterest is also my latest obsession (see I am OCD to the max!). I need a Pintervention for sure.

3. Our church's yardsale-turned-thrift-store opens this weekend, but the staff got to shop early today. I got some good loot (and by that, I mean, I bought some fun junk that will see spray paint in the not-at-all-distant future!). Yay!

Sorry I have no photos to share, but I thought it was time to stop subjecting you folks to my awful iPhone photos. Maybe if I had the iPhone 4 with the flash and the 5 megapixels...(dear, sweet hubby? are you listening? my birthday is coming up!)...


{cuppakim} said...

VBS for sure.

church yard sale sounds amazing. i am gonna need pictures of your finds. and spraypainting! WOOT! :)

and i have the iphone 3gs. no flash. no front cam. i'm DYING to upgrade - I am eligible, but holding out...i hear rumors the newest will be out in September? I hope mine lasts that long!

Jan said...

Pintervention...LOL! Love it! I still have yet to get on and do something with my Pinterest page. Love the thought of it, but still playing catch up from visitors over the last two months. *sigh*

I can't wait to see your finds and shop the yard sale myself. :)

Susan said...

Kim, I have the 3GS also. I heard rumors of the 5, but nothing for sure yet. My birthday's in August, so based on what you said, it doesn't sound like it would be for a birthday present! ;-)

Jan, I am seriously obsessed! I think you will be too once you finally get a chance to look at it!

Jessica Johnson said...

Kim says your rad. So I listen to her. So hi!!! :). Look forward to following your cute little blog. And make him get you the 5. For sure. :)

Jessica Johnson said...

Also, could my grammar be any worse?? You're rad. As in you are. Not your. Ugh.