Thursday, August 04, 2011

And One More Taz & Scout Story...

Because I am not sure how convinced y'all are about the hilarity that is my aunt, I'm adding one more Taz & Scout story for you.

From Mary:
"Taz just asked: mew, meow, MEOW, ow, ow?
So what do you think?"

Me: "Hmm oh yes! Tell Taz I said mewmew meowwwwww meow!:-)"

Mary: "Great! He's smiling!"

Me: :-D

The following day, when I'd forgotten all about my "conversation" with Taz...

Mary: "Taz is so happy! He's been on wedding planning websites since yesterday! I didn't think you would let Scout get married this young."

After this we went back and forth to settle my confusion on why Taz was under the impression he and Scout were engaged. Mary promptly reminded me of my conversation with Taz the day before. Oops! I'd somehow given the impression that I gave my blessing. Once I understood...

Me: "Trickery! Deceit! Different dialects of the feline language are often mistaken for others. I said he could give her a promise collar; he heard marriage was acceptable. The answer is NO."

Mary: "He very clearly said marriage. OK, I'll tell him you meant to say Promise Collar."

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{cuppakim} said...

THIS post is AWESOME. Totally laughing so hard hahahaha. a little miscoMEOWnication hahaha. :)

promise collar. LOLLLLL.