Thursday, August 11, 2011

Birthday Continued

Since I documented my birthday yesterday, I wanted to finish sharing all that went down. (I did mention yesterday how much I love birthdays, right?)

My boss, David, is a HUGE prankster. A very good prankster. Like people have had year-old pizza in their office and never knew it for about two years, kind of prankster. This is one of his more tame jokes, I might add. I would also like to add that he'd not been back from sabbatical twenty minutes when he was pulling another prank on someone. Who unfortunately had access to the security camera footage and totally busted us both this morning. Sad.

Anyway, we've tried all summer to figure out some way to prank his office for when he returned. We never came up with anything worthwhile, so yesterday afternoon I threw this beauty up in his office real quick. (I am not good at the pranking. If you haven't read about my epic failure, then let me tell you I'm awful at it.)

I got this up in the nick of time, because not thirty minutes later, David walked in. Not much of a prank, but he loved it and felt loved, so that's good. Not that it much matters, but don't tell him I put it up. He doesn't know who did it.

After that, my hubby and I went to dinner before rehearsal. He gave me my final precious, err, I mean, present... please ignore my oddly crooked fingers.

Don't be jealous. Okay, you can be a little jealous. My first question to him was "Holy crap! Is it real?!" He laughed and said heck no. Which is good, because I don't want to go into debt over some more jewelry. Glad it looks real though. It's gorgeous and I can't stop wearing it. Love! Did a great job, didn't he? Got major bonus points yesterday, not that he needs them.

Are you bored yet? I feel like it's a bit boring since I'm giving you every stinkin' little detail of my birthday. I loved it and had a fantabulous day, but maybe you're bored reading this. I'm continuing on now... in case you aren't bored...

My friend, Jamie, had a surprise for me. Every week for rehearsal she brings in pure sugar to overload us all with energy for the worshipping. It works out well and as you may guess, she's very well-loved around here.

This is what she made for me... inspired by something we both saw on Pinterest... along with a card she had everyone sign. Very sweet...

All in all, a delicious and very fun day. Still anticipating a chocolate cupcake at some point this weekend (because we're still celebrating), but overall a fun and blessed day!


{cuppakim} said...

Happy Happy Birthday Lady! I did not know it was your big day! August IS the best for birthdays - I love the zero holiday interference (mine is in 17 days!)

That ring is BEAUTIFUL.

I can see why you do too!

AND you got a tiffany necklace!?!

You are obviously VERY VIP to your hubby (as you should be!)

Happy Birthday Susan!

Jan said...

What? No chocolate cupcake yet? :) Hope one turns up...and soon. Love the gifts that you received. What a fun birthday!!! Can't wait to see your ring and necklace in person.

Jessica Johnson said...

that ring is gorgeous! love the color. totally looks real. happy birthday!! :)