Thursday, August 25, 2011

Genie Of The Lamp!

So this week has been nutso crazy busy getting ready for my Girls' Night Out ministry event tonight. I hope to have a massively long, photo-laden post for you about it next week sometime (at the latest).

In the meantime, the Hubby and I were talking last night about what three wishes we'd ask for from a genie in a lamp (Aladdin-style of course). We came up with some serious things, like being debt-free, and we had some silly things too, like wishing our upcoming vacation was closer. Okay not so silly, but still fun.

It made me wonder what your three wishes would be and even more than that, God knows the dreams of your heart. Since He loves you so much, how do you see His hand at work bringing you the desires of your heart?


Jan said...

A BIG desire of my heart that has already been met has been my son (of course you know that already). I have to say that you start to feel guilty for even wanting anything anymore when you're given a gift so great. :)

Quick list of three wishes that aren't near as important as desiring a child...
* sell our home
* find a home to raise our son in (location, price range, etc...)
* some extra sleep (or hours in the day...I'm not picky) :)

grey rose (they/them) said...

we have had lots of genie of the lamp walks;)

for us, we long to add more children to the family.
also, i would love to not live where we are.
although no prospects of moving have arisen, a peaceful contentment is beginning to settle in. so that is really just as well, i think!