Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hard-Knock Life

Life is rough. Sometimes I want to throw pity parties and invite everyone I know. It's times like these that I try even harder to focus on the blessings I have. I generally like to think I'm a pretty positive person (I hope!), so when I'm feeling negative it really brings me down. Being thankful is what it's all about for me. This lifts my spirit but also focuses my thoughts on Jesus and all He does for me, especially the things I don't even realize. Por hemplo... (means "For example" in Spanish)

Yesterday I was scheduled to attend a focus group for dog owners. I've been trying to qualify for a focus group for over three years, and the one I finally qualify for wants to PAY ME to talk about Scout for over three hours?! Sign. Me. UP!

Yesterday in general was a really great day, very productive and not stressful, so I was very much looking forward to boring folks with my tales of my super cute superhero puppy, Scoutaki Mushroom (her Ninja name).

This is me on my way to the focus group...

I arrived promptly at 5:45 as requested so we had time to eat free food. Yes, please! Half a ham sandwich, pasta salad, and a lemon cookie made me a happy, happy girl (once I removed the nasty offending raw onions from the sandwich). The promise of chocolate at the first break loomed before me and I was beyond ready to start sharing photos of my furbaby. We were finally all set to go into the room that would be our home for the next four hours. I stood up only to be told that one other lady and I had to stay behind.

Say what?! I've been so obedient! What'd I do wrong?! Turns out, said the lady after she shut the others inside, they over-recruit for these things and since everyone showed, the two of us got to still be paid and didn't have to stay. Say double what?!

She left to get our money and, once I had the mysterious, not at all conspicuous, envelope in hand, was on my way. What just happened?

I'd told CC I would call when it was over, thinking that would be 9:30. I didn't call him so I could surprise him and boy, was he surprised when I was home by 6:45! Yay, a whole unexpected night with my hubby! Woohoo! What on Earth would we do to fill the time? Snuggle? Go out on the town? Cut coupons and go grocery shopping since it was Super Doubles at Harris Teeter? Winner! Winner!

The snuggling and romance played a part, of course, but what doesn't attract you more than saving 50% off your grocery bill?

Isn't God amazing? Two huge blessings (especially financial ones) in one short night. I love God! He's so cool!


{cuppakim} said...

i love little blessings like that. :)

especially when they pile up. happy monday to you!

Jan said...

What an amazing blessing! Love how your day played out! God is so cool!