Monday, August 15, 2011

Oh Honey?! I Have A New Friend For Scout!

I went to Target this morning to get a birthday gift for a friend. When I came out of the store I saw this little guy under my car (not my car in the photo)...

Could you see him peeking through the hubcap?

I tried for over twenty minutes to get him to come with me, since he was screaming out for some lovin'. Unfortunately, I never did get him to come to me. My heart's a little sad over this, but I hope someone else was able to get him. He was so ugly he was cute, but he had some giant ice blue eyes that were desperate for someone to adopt him. So sad it couldn't be us...


Chris said...

I've decided to not be allergic to cats anymore :)

{cuppakim} said...

i dont exactly love cats...but kittens are sweet.

and strays, even cuter.

i wish you had been able to rescue him!

blue eyes? yes please!

Jan said...

Ah, poor little guy. I'm sure that 20 minutes was the highlight of his day (with you). :)

grey rose (they/them) said...

oh, bless its little kitty soul!
i totally would have tried to coax him home too! xo

(we adopted two stray kitties once.
they. were. delightful.
we couldn't take them with us when we moved two years ago. we cried and cried.
turns out though, our toddler is like having twelve thousand kittens.)