Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Taz & Scout

I am generally not a fan of inter-special dating. However, one such couple changed my views on just this subject.

I believe I've mentioned Grandma Camp before. Basically so that my super cool aunt feels she sort of has a dog, we let Scout go to visit Grandma (my aunt) for a few days about once or twice a month. This gives us "parents" a little break (especially when the schedule is so crazy) and my aunt gets to visit with her granddog.

We've had Scout for over two years now and in that time she has made one very close friend, my aunt's cat, Taz. Now my aunt has three cats, but Taz is closest to Scout's age and energy level. He's a weirdo, which makes it perfect that Taz and Scout would fall in love. What you have to understand at the same time is my aunt is a writer. A hilarious, funny, so hilarious writer. Who doesn't realize it. She never believes me when I tell her she is writing the wrong genre (She likes writing fan fiction and sci-fi/fantasy.).

Well it finally dawned on me one day that if I saved all the emails we write each other back and forth, I could one day compile them into a funny book. This is my retirement plan for my aunt, because I know it'll be a bestseller. I just know this.

CC titled the book for us a few weeks ago. Not sure you can handle the awesomeness, but here we go, along with some sneak peeks of this once-in-the-future-to-be-published novel...

Taz & Scout: A Tail Of Forbitten Love

"She grabbed a toy off the shelf [at Petsmart] as we were walking by and then tried to carry it out the door.

I had gotten some more, lighter weight cable for her outside tie-up so we had stopped at the front check-out when I noticed her shop lifting. It's the material that you pointed out this morning that she liked so much so I couldn't be mad at her.

She acted very, very hot and thirsty after Home Depot so of course we had to stop by McDonald's to get her some water. And since I couldn't just get her h2o, I got some biscuits for me just be polite. She sat up in my lap, with her ears up, taking in the sights and waving at the money collection person as if she'd done it every day of her life and twice on Sundays.

When we got home she started crying and pawing at the door as I collected the stuff to carry inside. Then she pulled at the leash all the way up the porch stairs and into the house. I took off the leash and she ran through the house looking for the cat. He was on the back of the couch so she took a flying leap onto the couch then on to the back of the couch, landing on top of Taz. She licked his face while he hugged her for a few minutes and then Taz jumped down and then zoomed through the living room into my bedroom, sliding on the floor under my bed, with dog in hot pursuit.

They have been at it off and on ever since."

Here's a bit of Taz & Scout's relationship. Whenever Scout is naughty, she goes to "jail" (her crate). Taz is visiting her while she's locked up.

Taz is short for "Tasmanian Devil," which is his full name. My aunt also calls him Monster. Dusty and Bissette are her other two cats...

"Monster has a well chewed appearance. His hair is wet and mussed. I tried taking a picture but then remembered the Text ban. Don't worry it didn't come out all that great to begin with.

Right now I have three kitties and a puppy on the corners of the bed all facing away from each other. Monster and Scout because if they start to play on the bed I use the water gun--Dusty and Bissette--because we all are beneath their notice.

I think I need a King Size bed."

And one more laugh for your day: Whenever it's close to time for us to go pick up Scout from Grandma Camp, Mary (my aunt) pretends Scout isn't available. Below is a prime example.

"Bo Obama has asked Scout to accompany him on a very important top secret diplomatic mission! They will be out of the country until some time next week.

Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country!

I know you are very disappointed that you won't get to enjoy Christmas with her, however you should be a proud American dog mother that she's put her country first."

I hope you find this as funny as I do. I have over two years of these emails, so maybe another day I'll share some more. I think it'd make a fabulous book and if nothing else, make Mary very happy. I know Scout & Taz would definitely appreciate the support for their bizarre relationship.

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