Sunday, August 28, 2011

We're Alive!

With Hurricane Irene such an unpredictable storm this past weekend, we planned ahead. A big joke here in the South is that before a big storm like this, the grocery stores get raided for water, toilet paper, batteries, and bread. This go-round, I was partly one of these crazies but also making a normal Target run.

To prepare for Irene, I made a giant vat of mexican chicken soup (we can eat off that for days!) and ended up baking an apple cobbler (yummy). We settled in Friday night for either nothing but a little rain, or the storm of the century. We made no plans to go anywhere Saturday because even if it wasn't much, who wants to be out in the wind and rain? Gross!

I'm sure you know by now, but we literally only got a little rain and some wind. Praise the Lord! It made for quite a relaxing weekend of doing not much and eating yummy food. And most importantly, being together. With Scout ALL WEEKEND. It was absolutely wonderful! Here are some photos from this weekend...

Yeah, she totally stole my shoe to start her own collection, the punk!

These are my gorgimous jalapenos from my coworker's garden! Used them in the soup-- so good!

Migraines are no fun, but especially when it's weather-related and the storm ain't moving any time soon. Sunday was the first time in a week that I didn't wake up with a migraine. Yay! In the meantime, this is my cure, Starbucks caffeine and Tylenol. I hate the migraines, but what a comfort to know I live in a time with drugs! Legal ones, of course. Must have extra ice for the 'bucks!

My soaking wet jeans! I took Scout to the vet Friday and we left the window down when the monsoon began. I had to pick her up and run out there to roll up the window. The resulting craziness, as you can see. The good news? I didn't melt!

This is what Scout did ALL. DAY. LONG. on Saturday. We'd opened the curtains to the patio to gauge the storm based on what this one tree in the parking lot did (how windy is it? how hard is it raining? are the branches still attached to the tree trunk? did the tree break off and damage the garage roof next to it?). Well, needless to say, our tree made it through unscathed as did Scouty. We are beyond blessed and grateful that she's never been afraid of storms. I have many friends who have scaredy-cat dogs during storms.

Hubby and I spent part of Saturday watching the Pioneer Woman's debut tv show. I made her iced coffee recipe to celebrate! We liked that it wasn't just a cooking show; it was half ranch reality show also. Chris especially enjoyed Marlboro Man telling her that he wasn't going to eat tomato salad-- and DIDN'T! He loved that!

Friends and family were not happy to find out they missed the fudge pie I made. I absolutely love keeping puff pastry and pie crust in the freezer for this very reason.

So yummy! Even better than the apple cobbler the day before. Of course that makes total sense, there was chocolate involved with the pie.

Got this photo of Scout looking outside again and I just loved the results. This is my new wallpaper for my phone. Ain't she a cutie?!

The hurricane finally passed our state and the sky turned amazing! God is so creative, even with weather! Of course, now Katia might be the next hurricane, but either way, we'll make lots of food and hang out together, with or without power. Who could ask for more?


Jan said...

Ok, that settles it...the next proposed hurricane coming our way, I'm heading to your house to camp out. :)

Jessica Johnson said...

so glad you're safe! love following your instas throughout the week.

grey rose (they/them) said...

again, where WOULD we be without starbucks. seriously.
mexican soup. recipe please. thanks.
glad y'all didn't get much, my family in ocean city, md got about the same as you, maybe heavier wind and rain, but nothing like they were braced for. praise jesus!
we don't have "tv" so i am just pining away to see pw show!
also, your dog is cute!

{cuppakim} said...

so so glad you survived. phew.

and love how cute scout is - she really loves observing, doesn't she.


seriously. i haven't had cable for years. and between this and....well i wont admit what other show...i am SO close to ordering it again.

i wonder if i can catch the episodes online instead...

{cuppakim} said...

and ps i wish we had hurricanes here.
just so i could stay home and eat yummy food and hang out with my dog with no other responsibilities.