Saturday, September 17, 2011

About Me

I have always loved learning things about folks that you wouldn't normally know unless you directly asked. I am a Psych major after all. I love learning little details about people. With that in mind, I thought it might be fun to share a little and see if you'll share back.

A few things about me and my life, in no particular, totally random order...

1. I can't have caffeine after 3-3:30pm or I won't sleep.

2. I have a little brother who's bigger than me. He's a Marine. He's also married to a sweetheart. He's a Luddite so I can't share much more about them. ;-D

3. One of my dreams is to be a published author. I've written and illustrated a series of children's stories that my sweet hubby had made into books for me.

4. Even though I'm constantly teased about how OCD and anal I am, I've never been diagnosed with OCD and I'm wayyyy less anal than I used to be.

5. I love Jesus with all my heart, but always wish I could stop living life to spend all my time with Him.

6. I'm a voracious reader. I recently read 11 books in a 10 day period of time. Which included work and all the normal stuff. I re-read my collection of Lori Wick books twice a year.

7. I married my high school sweetheart after five and a half years of dating. I promised my family I'd wait until I graduated college to get married, so exactly one week after I graduated, we had our wedding.

8. CC and I always said we'd never have pets (didn't want the responsibility). Seven years into our marriage, after a year plus' worth of thought, prayer, and research, we got our furbaby, Scout. She has many nicknames and I can't imagine life without her.

9. My brain is way faster than my mouth, which means often when I speak, I don't seem to make sense. In reality, I'm about ten minutes farther down the road in the conversation. It's actually the other person who's behind. :-D We joke with our friends that CC is my translator and will bring folks up to speed on how I seemed to jump subjects so fast.

10. I used to rebel against being a girly-girl, but decided to embrace it once strangers assumed CC was my son and not my husband (He's older than me by one year, but has a baby face.). I immediately sought out professional help for hair and make-up. A horrifying experience, I assure you.

What about you? Did this bring anything to your mind that you'd like to share?


Jan said...

LOVED reading about you!!! Loved, loved, LOVED it! I'm with you and love learning more behind the person whose blog I read. What a great post (hope you do more like this). :)

Jessica Johnson said...
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Jessica Johnson said...

so i just googled luddite and i'm confused. also, i have OCD, too which is why i googled luddite.

{cuppakim} said...

i love this post. i love about em's.

and i googled luddites too. which is why jessica and i are friends.

but then saw neo-luddites.
is that what your brother is?
denounces all technology or something?