Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Girls' Night Out!

Here is the long awaited, much anticipated post about Girls' Night Out. I only build it up this much because a couple of you seemed quite taken with the idea. So here's what happened... (see what happened was...)

A few years back, I had this thought that whenever anyone of our team members is serving, it means we're losing out on fellowship time. Now this isn't the case always, and we certainly cram in what fellowship time we can, but usually when we're at church, it's because we're there to serve others. So Girls' Night Out came to be this annual event that the ladies in our ministry LOVE.

One night a year we dress the room with girlie colors and eat chocolate of some sort, drink pink drinks (lemonade people! raspberry lemonade!) and worship and play games and generally have a fun time of not doing.

The mothers can have a night off (we provide childcare) and the non-mothers can have a fun night too. I usually do most of the prep/clean-up work myself, since I don't want anyone else to have to "do" anything. I do generally ask one other lady to help me with a few things, with the sole purpose that they can still enjoy the event.

GNO, as I like to call it, starts with worship, then I (actually get on a microphone! and) welcome everyone and for the newbies, explain our purpose for the evening (to relax, to worship, to enjoy being God's daughter without the pressures we have in life from day to day, and of course, to have fun!). Then we do a raffle and give away as many fun girlie prizes as we can, then we make a take home craft, play games, and have dessert. Fun, right?

Well, this year, my dear friend (and hairstylist to the well, not stars, but to most of the folks in our ministry), Melissa, helped me out. She was a workhorse and didn't really get to enjoy the event, which made me sad. MM and her girls also ended up helping a ton too, which I really appreciated.

This year both the dessert and the craft were inspired by Pinterest. I'm tellin' ya, that's the stuff right there! That website has been so great for me! Okay, plug for Pinterest over. We made these and ate these. I got rave reviews for both. I didn't follow the directions correctly for either (I looked at the photos and figured it out.). But both turned out beautifully.

Below are photos from the event. They're all pretty random, but you can tell we had a blast (and Melissa was VERY thirsty during clean-up!)!

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{cuppakim} said...

so fun. look at all of your hard work! i love the idea here - that you don't let anyone else do the hard work so they can truly enjoy themselves. :)

i hope you get a little nugget of respite somewhere.

i can tell your heart genuinely is a servant's heart.

truly fruit in your life susan! :)