Friday, September 09, 2011


I've been participating for a while now (well, a few months anyway) with Instagram. I love the changes you can give to a photo that will enhance it (or take my lame photos and make them super cool). Almost all of the blogs I read do Instaphotos on their blogs on Fridays. I still need to look into it more, and figure it all out, but here's my attempt to share my Instaphotos.

This is my Pinterest-inspired Fall wreath. Yes, I decorated September 01st. (and 02nd. I had to go buy more stuff. I was obsessed with every nook and cranny being decorated! Confession time: I beat Target to the punch this year. I can't believe I beat TARGET to Fall decorating! Target. They decorate for Halloween during the 4th of July. And I. Beat. Them. Crazy.). I love this wreath. Unfortunately, I already have a wreath so I have nowhere to hang this one. It's currently hung wonky on the living room wall, lower than the two framed photos that surround it. I am belying my OCDness to allow it to remain there because I love it so much!

This is Scout looking super cute. When is she not looking super cute? Seriously. I'm not biased AT. ALL.

It was a really bad week work-wise, you may know that, you may not. Tuesday I flew out of there desperately needing some time away. I ate comfort goodness at Chipotle and then hit up the Sbux on the way back to the office. Muchas gracias went to my boss who handed me the Starbucks gift card on the way out the door, hoping I'd return for our meeting that afternoon!

This was Scout watching Andy Griffith on Netflix. She's way into it. That's my furbaby- addicted to TV. She's a regular couch popuppy.

Starbucks is one of my happy places. The iced mocha especially brings great joy. Happiness!

I get Relevant magazine at work. I don't actually recommend it all that much, but sometimes they have funny stuff in there. Exhibit A, above.

This was my view yesterday morning looking out my office window. I am eternally grateful for 1) an office with a locking door, and 2) a gigantic window. Especially when it's Fall. Then it's hard to work because I'm watching the colors and the leaves change. But I do get the work done at some point, so back to being grateful!

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grey rose (they/them) said...

cute wreath!!!
praise jesus for starbucks. and netflix.
popuppy-cracked. me. up.

relevant magazine. no thanks. ha.
love clouds like that! and hooray for offices with windows!!