Thursday, September 15, 2011

Migraines Schmigraines...

I have had migraines for as long as I can remember. Unfortunately, I didn't know they were migraines until just a couple years ago. Needless to say, I thought I was a freak. (Don't we all think that until we speak up and realize people are more alike than we realize?)

With Fall being ushered in ever so slowly, I've had weather-related migraines All. Week. Long. Monday I was off work because I worked all weekend, and it was just an absolutely lovely, productive but still restful, day. Until about 4pm, when the migraine came on with a bang. It's still hanging around, and I must say we're not friends. The side effects I get from migraines are just as lovely and unwelcome (dizziness has especially been getting to me this week).

All this not complaining to say, if this brings Fall, I'll take it! I absolutely adore Fall and all its Autumnal (I love that word! Autumnal!) goodness. Even if I have to pop Excedrin or Tylenol to make it happen. (Have I mentioned that my entire home was decorated September 1st? Yes, I am THAT person. My poor seasonally-challenged husband doesn't even question it anymore.)

Can you stand it?! The sweaters! The jeans! The snuggly goodness of coffee on the couch with the candles going... happy, HAPPY sigh! SO worth the temporary pain.


Jan said...

I'm so sorry for your migraines, but glad you're embracing them with this autumnal weather upon us. tee hee (just had to use that word). :) You're getting me so excited for Fall. I love this season the most, but reading all your fun descriptions and talking about decorations and such just gets me more excited (pictures please of all of those decorated goodies around your home). :)

{cuppakim} said...

oh man i hope you are feeling much better by now.

and despite them being weather related....fall is the BEST.

love the family shot. too much cute.