Thursday, September 29, 2011

Try, Try, Again!

So we started this two days ago. I never in a million gagillion years thought I'd try this, much less endorse the program. CC always wanted to try it (okay for the last few years anyway), and I was adamantly against it, not wanting him to have a heart attack from eating bacon 24-7.

Things were going well. We threw out our entire kitchen, went to the granola stores and bought the healthy right foods, planned our meals, cooked gobs of meat, ate tons of lettuce, came home Thursday and had a heart-to-heart. It wasn't working for either one of us.

Not just working for us in that it was hard, but not working in that it didn't work for our lifestyle. We're foodies. We get food magazines out the yin-yang. We like to cook. Creatively. We like to bake, especially now in the Fall. We love to eat out. Our house always smelled like meat. I am NOT cool with that AT. ALL. All the Bath & Body Works candles couldn't hide the smell of daily meat cooking. Losing a pound a day was just not worth it.

So we went out, got hibachi chicken, and went to Yogurt Mountain. It's healthy, I promise. See?

So now we're just making better choices and re-buying SOME (not all) of the stuff we'd donated away just a week ago. Lesson learned.

No more Atkins. In fact, I might be a vegetarian for a little while.

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