Sunday, October 30, 2011


Finally, the long-awaited Applepalooza post!

What's Applepalooza you ask? Well, the ONE thing I wanted to do during last week's vacation/staycation was to go apple picking. I've wanted to for years, but work always gets in the way. Silly work.

Anyhoodle, we were finally able to go! We went to Carter Mountain Orchards,which was UHmazing! It was a three and a half hour drive. One way. We were there maybe an hour in total. Then we drove home. To.tally. worth. the. drive. Seriously. WORTH IT.

See? I told you. I took about five thousand photos just of the drive up there. For your sanity, I give you these.

I don't know if I'm sheltered or what, but I'd never seen a water tower any color but white. It was a pretty color of blue (NOT Carolina blue) so thought I'd share it with you.

We spent about forty minutes admiring the beauty and God's amazingness. We only picked for maybe 4 minutes. The other 16 minutes were spent huffing and puffing our way up and down the mountain. Who knew a mountain orchard would actually BE on top of a mountain?

1. The first pick! (We picked Fujis. Amazingness.) Aren't you jealous of my hobo gloves? I usually wear them at work during services. Freezing fingers are not a good thing when you're running lyrics and sermon notes. 2. CC is not playing stickball. They have these grabby things you use to get the apples that are up high. You tall people wouldn't understand. 3. For Steve Jobs. 4. Apple cider doughnuts! Because we forgot to eat lunch before we drove three hours through nothingness. 5. The haul.

The results! Apple tart. Applesauce. Apple crisp. Apple panini. Apple Mac... Applebee's... oh wait. Sorry. Got carried away.

Scout was all up in my face trying to get in on the bounty. She did not win but you see she tried to use her cute wiles, don't you? Those ears! The paw on the shoulder trick! The puppy eyes! The submissive pose! She almost got me.

I am *almost* appled out for now, but I have gobs of applesauce in the freezer and about 6 actual apples left. I've been using them for sea salt caramel apples (thanks, Ree!). I already can't wait to go next year. I love that I wanted this to be the epitome of Autumn and it totally was!


{cuppakim} said...

yum! i love apples!!!

sounds like you made the most out of your bounty! :)


what beautiful scenery. i'm loving that even more than the apples!! <3

Chris said...

I'm loving your new photo app. I love the swirliness (I don't care what you say spell check, that is a word) of the pictures from the mountain :).

Jan said...

Sounds amazing and your photos are just beautiful!

Oh, please tell me what you put on your apple panini's. YUM!