Tuesday, October 04, 2011

I Know, I Know.

So I am wayyyyy behind on posting which you already know. I'm really sorry about that and hope to fix that soon.

In the meantime, here's what's on my heart today.

This week somehow all our money went out the window. Not sure how as we haven't gone frivolous or anything, but financially we are low. Payday is Friday and we are counting down the days. We have food in the house, but already made several plans this week to not be home for meals, as well as unexpected expenses. Thus, the regular routine of stretching the money occurs again. We really are blessed, so it's not like we're barefoot starving to death, but God is so amazing to me that I just have to share.

1. Scout desperately needs to be groomed. She's adorable and clean but her hair's in her super-expressive eyes, and she hasn't been to the 'spa' in a while. I was trying to get her in sooner than later, but I couldn't take her until Friday. Yay #1 for God, working it out for Friday (when we get paid). We gave her a bath last night which should tide her over until her appt. In the meantime, we just push her hair out of her eyes. I know this doesn't seem a big deal to you, but to me it is.

2. I made Pretzel Crack for birthday presents for friends (it was specifically requested which is why I made it-- I knew I'd get it out of the house right away! Also, this is Jessica's blog. She's super awesome!). Fortunately (or unfortunately), the ingredients were already in my kitchen. This morning I went to Target to get treat bags and birthday stuff. I had a $5 gift card and somehow cash in my purse. The bags were on clearance so I was able to not use debit. Then, I checked my receipt and was overcharged for something, so I got a refund back for that. Yay for God #2!

3. We've been trying to get Groupon to issue a credit for something we'd purchased through them. It didn't look like we'd get it, but today they issued a credit for it, yay God #3! On top of that, today's Groupon is to this yummy Mexican place we like near our house. Using the credit for that, and we get to eat out later twice! Woohoo! Yay God #4!

4. My super cool, super crazy aunt made chili last night for herself and gave me a to-go bowl of it for my lunch today. The reason this is so awesome is because CC doesn't eat beef or beans, so if I made chili (which I love), it would basically be tomato soup. So there's no point for me to make chili. Sadness. Especially in this weather. But today for lunch, a fresh, delicious chili for lunch, courtesy of my awesome aunt! Yay God #5!

5. Last week I sold my iPhone 3Gs to my friend, and was able to upgrade to the iPhone 4 for no cost to us. I didn't particularly care, but apparently CC thought we should have the same phone so no one got jealous or discontent. Smart man, he is. Yay God #6!

And just because I want to point this out, apparently TobyMac AND David Crowder Band both released new Christmas albums today! I haven't heard them yet, but I am a sucker for Christmas music. I'm actually limited to just one new album a year/season, but CC might make an exception! Woohoo!

Isn't God just so amazingly good to us? What's He been good to you about recently? I'd love to know!


{cuppakim} said...

i love this post. so much provision that you can't do anything BUT thank God and recognize it is all from Him! AMEN!

Jan said...

I love that despite feeling so tight on finances this week, you point out not one, but several ways God is currently working in your life (big and small). God is so good! Thanks so much for sharing!