Friday, October 14, 2011


Here's what happened this week via Instagram!

(Disclaimer: I apologize in advance for my relatively boring week, especially if you've already seen these instaphotos. We've been busy getting ready for VACATION next week, so not much else has been going on.)

Scout loves to play, especially with her glow-in-the-dark ball. We didn't get it for that reason, but it happens to glow in the dark. Handy for when she loses it in dark places, like under the couch, or on our bed. At least she's trying to help find it!

Okay, I promise that's my last adorable puppy photo for today. Or at least for this post.

It's been a really dreary, depressing week with the rainy, cloudy weather. It's great to have all the rain, but it's been hard to be cheery at times. I had my weekly meeting on Tuesday and it was like sitting in a meat locker it was so cold! I thought I needed hot coffee to warm up, but also a cheery mug to perk me up. It worked! How can you not look at this and be happy?

We met our friend, Jennifer, for dinner on Tuesday and we had a blast. Since it was so close to her birthday we went ahead and gave her her gift. Nothing major, but when she got home she texted me this photo of her cat, Jack, enjoying the birthday present too! (He thought the present was the bag and the tissue paper.)

Due to the Beatles making a surprise appearance at our volunteer leader appreciation night, we now have black wigs lying around the worship center. Creepy and funny all at the same time! I thought this one in particular looked like it could be from my own head. (yeah, pretty creepy) Since my hair's getting a makeover at the end of this month, I'm trying to enjoy my hair in its natural state while it's still curly and nutso.

And most importantly...

My premier, charter, first issue of the new HGTV magazine finally arrived! Woohoo! I'm dying to dig into it, but haven't yet had the chance. With my vacation officially beginning today (I don't work on most Fridays), I am going to read it cover to cover! And then probably go straight to Home Depot for spray paint supplies... and Jo-Ann's for fabric... and AC Moore for crafty stuff... oh this vacation is going to rock my Pinterest-lovin' socks off! Woohoo!


{cuppakim} said...

i love scout pics.

more please :)

Jan said...

Please, please, please let me know what you think of your new HGTV magazine. Genius on their part!

Jessica Johnson said...

i second kim. scout does not equal boring. AT ALL. i love your instas.