Saturday, October 29, 2011

Staycation Continued (PicFrame)

This was our super fun fair day. I've discovered PicFrame (thanks a lot, Kim!) and now I'm obsessed. Seriously, you'll believe me soon enough. We went to the fair with Mom and our friend, Melissa. She's a hoot and together, neither of them know a stranger. It took us an hour to find food because they kept talking to people. Lots of fun, but it took awhile to find the food. Just sayin'.

I did NOT eat the krispy kreme burger. Rule number one: NEVER EVER contaminate a krispy kreme with anything, but especially with meat. Wrong. So very wrong. NC is the home of the Mt. Olive pickle. They're delish! CC liked the deep-fried Koolaid. I thought it was pointless. But free, so yay! We ate many other things, but if you knew how much.... well, let's just move on to the next photo, shall we?

Because something had to be done after Fair Day... my 'age' changes daily. I liked when it thought I was 29 but 40? Not so much. Of course, the other day one of the worship team kids thought I was 58... I got upset until he called someone younger 6 million years old. Better now.

The precursor to Applepalooza... Very exciting going into it, I must say. Stay tuned tomorrow for Applepalooza!


{cuppakim} said...

don't you love and hate the wii fit? :)
it's kinda awesome.

love that you used it to combat the fair damage! :)

fun week!

Jan said...

The picture of you is seriously so cute! :) And I agree with cannot taint any donut with meat (GROSS!).