Friday, October 28, 2011

Vacation Recap! (Autumnal version)

Here it finally is! What we did during our staycation last week. I promise in advance, we had a blast, and did some stuff, but not sure you'll really find it all that fascinating (too much build-up, not enough to deliver? you be the judge.). I will tell you that we had not only a whole week off, but two glorious Sundays visiting the local Bedside Baptist church. Jammies, coffee, Fall mornings, coupons, and extra sleep and Schnuggles. Total blissdom.

The first weekend we had off, CC's mom (my beloved mil) came to town from far, far way. The one thing she asked to do was hit up the state fair (oh yes!) and spend time together. Requests granted! So we basically hung out at home and Wallyworld until Fair Day. Or as I like to call it-- Stuff Your Face With Random Fried 'Food' You Think Is Okay To Eat Because It's Only Once A Year Day. See, Fair Day is easier and faster and shorter to say.

This photo won't prove it, but Scouty was VERY happy to see Grandma. They played, they schnuggled, Scout got DRENCHED with the water bottle... good times.

It's apparently not good to watch SPCA videos and look at the available animals for adoption. If you do, your hubby will put the smack-down on you. Especially if you want a kitten even if you're a dog person and he's allergic to cats. Especially then.

Fun at Wallyworld. CC found this irresistible and yet, I did not come home with the cute hat. Hmm... (please excuse the lack of hair and make-up. I believe in afro frizz when it comes to vacation days)

Just before he left for staycay, Hubby found an UNUSED IPAD just laying around at work! InconCEIVABLE! So of course he usurped it for our seriously professional usage. We got the free Sesame Street Grover book code from Starbucks. Yes, our dog apparently likes to watch Grover on the iPad. She's highly advanced. She starts college in January.

And because you haven't begged for mercy from puppy pictures, this is Scout's face after I put a tshirt on her. In my defense, she was shivering from the Fall air. You can't see the shivering, but it's there. Can't you see her gratefulness to be clothed? As Julie called it and I'm adapting for this purpose... rich puppy problems.

More tomorrow!


grey rose (they/them) said...

meep!! i have seen the grover book for ipad...adorable!! hooray for staycay!!


{cuppakim} said...

you have had one awesome stay cation.

and i think scout was really the one who scored with that.

what a fun time off. :)

sounds like you made the most of it.
and are refreshed and relaxed.

oh, mylie has RPP's too.

hahaha ;)