Wednesday, November 16, 2011

For The Hubby

Today marks CC's and my 15th year together. Almost half my life has been spent side by side with my bestie. (We dated for five and a half years before we got married. When you date for that long, you can start counting with the marriage, but you don't ignore those first dating years.) Our first date was November 16, 1996. In case you haven't heard what our first date included, here we go- keep in mind, this is the VERY condensed version so you don't have to spend the next eight hours reading!

To start with, CC and I were both in the same high school youth group at our church (where we still attend). We didn't go to the same high school, but that was okay because we had youth group together. I met his entire family (two parents, two brothers) before I ever met him. Loved them all immediately. Wondered who the mystery brother was. Finally met him when I was 14. Fell in "LUV" immediately. Pined away for two years. TWO years. Forlorn, beet-red blushing girl I was, he had no clue. You want proof of clueless males? Exhibit A.

Had no clue until my "friend" told him. TOLD HIM! At 16. In front of me. Mortifying. Again with the blushing.

Fortunately, we had the same group of friends and hung out all the time. He was extremely shy and quiet. But when he opened his mouth, he was hysterically funny. And his dimples showed. Oh the dimples!

On a retreat one weekend in November (in 1996, if you hadn't yet guessed) that same 'friend' orchestrated a double date that became a single date. CC SAYS he asked me out officially, but he didn't actually. It just kind of worked out. I think he might have actually asked my mom if he could take me out, but never to me. Kinda funny. Well, after the retreat I was having eye surgery and wouldn't be able to see for a few days until I got a new pair of glasses.

My mom told him I could go if he'd take me to Lenscrafters that Friday night to get me some glasses. (Kill two birds with one stone? Sure!) So CC being the sweetie pie that he is, he for some reason said yes.

To make a long story short, I couldn't see him the following Friday when he picked me up in the big brown Bessie minivan. I'm blind as a bat without help and I literally could not see the guy for my first ever date. It was weird.

We drove forty five minutes away to the mall where Lenscrafters was. He had to pick out the frames because I couldn't see anything. Fortunately, he has some killer taste. We had an hour to kill, so we MET HIS MOM to switch cars. We got the super-cool date car, the Ford Taurus. We used that car for almost every date we had after that. Miss that car. Saw some other people from church who knew we were on our first date, so they waved and ran away so it wouldn't be weird. Haha!

After we got my glasses and the other car, we did go to dinner and a play that was at his school. It was a lovely evening and obviously things went well, but I find it hilarious that I couldn't see him and we spent part of our first date with his mother (who I love dearly). I don't know if you find that funny but we sure do!

All these years later, I still love you, baby! In fact, more every day. Happy dating anniversary, Lovey!


{cuppakim} said...

i love a good love story.
and yours is adorable!
i love the pining.

and the LENSCRAFTERS deal that your mom struck. my mom would TOTALLY do that too - always thinking practically and efficiently.

and the fact that he had good taste with your lenses makes it even more cute.

happy anniversary you two :)

Jan said...

Happy (is it 15 years) Dating Anniversary! Love your story (I had not heard it all). And it's so, I'm not sure, but to love someone more each day than the day before. God is so good!