Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Day: Day 5

Today's Happy Day project was to 'refresh someone.' Having no clue where Julie and Jeanett were going with that, I had to wait until later this morning to find out. Turns out they encouraged everyone to gift a bottle of water to some random person you run into (like a construction worker or someone like that), to be a smile and a blessing. I thought I'd just end up donating to the charity: water organization, which is the alternative to today's action, but then I thought of our amazing maintenance men here where we live. The fact that we happened to have a case of water already in the pantry (highly unusual) certainly helped.

It really worked out because I happened to have some card stock that hadn't sold on Craig's List yet, so I was able to use the ADORABLE printables. So the water bottles were ready. Yay! Then reality set in. Having no clue where in our large neighborhood the guys would be today, I thought several times about driving around like the crazy lady I am, and hunting them down one by one so I could bless them. (scary how my brain works!) In the end, I decided against that and decided to take them to the leasing office to drop them off. But then!

I couldn't take a treat to the guys and not take anything to the ladies who work in the office! So, since I still had to complete Day One: Treat to a neighbor (I'd given myself today as the deadline to get this done, or I knew it wouldn't happen.), I opted to do treats for the neighbor AND the office girls (thanks, Hannah!). Overachiever here, ladies and gentlemen.

The wrench in the plan for today: Scout's annual vet visit to see one of the loves of her life, Dr. Lester (no joke, THE best vet in the world, except for my SIL, who's also amazing- but doesn't live here anymore). Well, it went well but certainly interfered with the baking. We came home from the vet (all went well), and got to baking. Brownies, plain. Almost free with the super double coupons and sales last week. Totally worked out that I had the mix! I am still in shock that I made boring brownies. I ALWAYS add nuts and possibly marshmallows or caramel or something to jazz them up, but since they were for others, I wanted to be careful with allergies. So no nuts. Sad lonely pecans. Sigh.

While they cooled, I ran to Michael's and bought those super cute treat boxes, went home, slapped on the also super cute printables from Monday, and we were good to go. One box went to our actual next-door neighbor at their door (they weren't home), and the other box and the waters went to the office.

The office peeps loved everything and were super excited. My favorite maintenance man (the one who CLIMBED in the dumpster to fish out my keys!) was there so I handed him his water personally. I was hoping to see him since he's always sweet and extra helpful to us, so I was excited about that. I was really happy when I found out I got there right before the office closed early for the holiday! Close call, but God obviously was in this!

It was such a relief to be done with both days! I love doing this, but the random stranger part is so far outside of my comfort zone, and that's been the hardest part for me in all of this this week. So needless to say, I was beyond thrilled when it was over. Happy and blessed to do it, but exhausted!

CC came home early from work today (yay!) and I asked him to see if Carrie (our neighbor) had gotten their box yet. He walked in carrying their box! I was so confused! They gave it back to us! Oh no! Now what?!

I didn't want to go back and CC said I'd have to KNOCK. Talk to them. Let them know it was from us, not for us. (Kim, slight glitch with putting our name and apt. number!) eek! God didn't want me to go back did He? Oh no! Oh no! Oh no! My darling hubby kept after me (I can only assume as God intended for him to), and I got cold. So I put on my jacket. Then my shoes. Then I grabbed the box and bolted out the door before I could lose my teeny tiny nerve.

I knocked the lightest, most inaudible knock you may have ever heard, but they heard it. Their sweet daughter answered the door and they did think it was for us. I explained that we wanted to bless them and it was for them after all. She had such a lovely smile! Beautiful girl. And then I ran back inside and calmed down after my angsty heart attack that was having to go to the neighbor TWICE!

So there you go. Sorry it was so long, but aren't most God stories long and involved? My hubby's beyond proud of me (he keeps saying so), but more than that, I think God was glorified today and I was obedient.

I'm curious what the next two days will bring as the weekend wraps up the Happy Day project. Tomorrow is about serving our military I think, so hopefully I can do something for my brother (Marine), but we'll see. Sunday calls for a Blessing Bag, so like today, I can't wait to see which direction we're headed. What an adventure this has turned out to be! There's still time to participate if you aren't yet doing so. Jump in and join our fun!


Jan said...

I'm proud of you to. How fun for you to see those you blessed and how happy they were. :) I love that you're getting into this and God is stretching you outside of your comfort zone. Loving these posts too! :)

{cuppakim} said...

you are a rockstar.
a brave one too.
that was hard.
and hilarious that they thought it was FOR you.
whoops! :)
but you followed through.
and were obedient.

and you added some extra flare and a personal touch with those colorful fun boxes. :)