Saturday, November 12, 2011

Happy Day Project: Day Six

Today's action is all about the 'little people.' those folks who do so much for us that we may or may not ever think about or realize. A chance to show our gratitude and appreciation- to let them know we do see them and care.

Being a lazy Saturday around the house makes this one a bit tricky, seeing as how I haven't encountered but a couple people today. But like I was thinking, I could appreciate my brother.

Since yesterday was Veterans' Day, I had facebooked my gratefulness, but my Luddite brother never saw it. So today, I sent him an email to personally thank him for being the amazing Marine that he is. I also thanked Carolyn, his wife, for supporting him in the wonderful, loving way she does. Feels a little bit like a cop-out, honestly, after the other actions, but email is about all I have with my brother at the moment (He's not so great at the communication, and he now lives elsewhere.). However, I know how much it will mean to them both to read it.

Still curious what tomorrow's Blessing Bag is all about. Can't wait to find out!

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