Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Happy Day Project: Days Two & Three

As you know, I've been participating with the Happy Day project. I'm loving it! However, it's been way more challenging than I ever thought it would. In a good way. God is using it in some pretty powerful ways.

Yesterday was Day Two: write a handwritten note to someone. I won't say who it is since the person hasn't gotten it yet, but I will say it was long overdue and a really great reminder that it's not a hard or stressful thing to send someone actual mail. Via the USPS. Not hard. Anyone can do it. It took almost no time and will make someone's day. I wanted to write about ten thousand of them yesterday, but I couldn't. At least now it's at the forefront of my mind so hopefully I will write more often. If you don't mind sending me your mailing address, I'd love to add it to my address book for future notes of happiness.

Yesterday's act of love (and in fact, the whole week of spreading joy and Jesus to others) prompted a Happy Merry Chris Night/date last night. I 'kidnapped' my hubby and made him drive us to get his car cleaned (because he wanted that), we ate dinner at the Cheesecake Factory (which we never do), and he got to go to the Lego store to buy Lego men (because he's a 'minifigure collector'). We got Starbucks for me and had very deep and spiritual, REAL discussions. We talked to each other, we reconnected, we fell more in love, AND THEN... we went home where he got more surprises! I did dishes, I dusted (his job), and I CLEANED OUR ENTIRE BATHROOM BY MYSELF! (this was the clincher because I HATE cleaning our bathroom. It's the only room in the house that NEVER stays clean because you use it every stinkin' day. I hate cleaning the bathroom.) All of it made for a wonderful night, and I had a blast surprising him! I strongly recommend a surprise hubby day/night if you can swing it. It was definitely an unusual but very welcome change to our routine.

Today is Day Three: give a giftcard to a homeless person. I am taking license with this one. Putting that right out there. I have my reasons for not doing this one by the letter, mostly relating to how I grew up. I did not grow up homeless, praise the Lord, but we were often very close to being homeless and were many times evicted or came close to being evicted from our homes. Because of my upbringing, a ministry our church partners with is very close to my heart. H.O.P.E. ministry provides food baskets at Thanksgiving and Christmas presents to the inner-city children of our community every year. Every year CC and I participate to help provide these hungry people with food and joy and Jesus. I am counting this ministry opportunity as my action for Day Three. Since the goal is to help hungry people, I feel this still counts.

Update on Day One: I have not yet provided actual happiness to my neighbors, but I'm getting closer. I have everything ready to go, except the actual treat. I've decided on which neighbors I'm going to hopefully bless, and I hope to do it Thursday night after work. Please keep praying I stay with it!


{cuppakim} said...

i love that you are making this personal to you. :)

this one is going to be hard to complete today. i prayed that the lord might bring someone that i encounter today (i dont encounter many homeless) - so we'll see how it goes.

we are also collecting gift cards for the shelter our pastor (jess's husband) works at on sunday....double duty this week ;)

Jan said...

First off... you know my address and I would gladly want to receive a happiness note from you any day. :)

LOVE that you and hubby had such an amazing day together and reconnected! You've encouraged me to think of some fun hubby day lovin' to do on my own. :)

And I love how you're doing day 3. You're doing it by the book in my eyes. You are making a difference. :)