Thursday, November 17, 2011

I Love You, Erin Condren!

For those of you who don't yet know this, I am OBSESSED with office supplies. I get them for my birthday, Christmas, anytime of the year works for me! My hubby used to call me the Pen Queen because I was always on the ever-elusive search for the perfect pen. If we're ever at Target and he's looking for me, I can usually be found on the pen aisle (he can be found on the video game aisle).

So you can imagine my excitement that my planner from Erin Condren is FINALLY here! I am in LOVE! I've drooled over it for the two days it's been in my possession, talked about it endlessly (the guys I work with are sick of hearing about it), shown it to as many people as I possible can, facebooked Erin herself to thank her, and on and on and on... (in fact, you might be sick of hearing about it!).

Well, once I saw the cuteness in person, I decided nothing but the best would do and I proceeded to order new colored pens so I can color-coordinate my work items from my personal items. I typically do this, but boring blue and black ink wasn't going to cut it for the adorableness that is the planner.

Staples finally delivered (Ha! Do you like my pun?) and the pens are here! I'm so happy. Heaven! Okay, anyway, so yes, I did just post an entire blog entry about the planner arriving and pens that make me happy. And I'm not sorry you just spent your time reading that. Okay, maybe a little, but now that I can write in my planner, I'm happy again. (Are you as confused as I seem to be? Here's the summary: Pens + Planner + Susie = Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!)


Jan said...

I'm wiping the drool from my mouth right now. LOVE it and can't wait to see it in person. I am going to have to get one next year (hate that I had already gotten my planner for this coming year). *sigh*

Anonymous said...

You made prefect sense.

BTW: I love the new G2 pens and I got a lot of them when Homer was here visiting. I am an avid journaler so I need just the right pen. And I can often be found in the pen department of any and all stores. Right now I am debating about buying an old fashioned fountain pen. I just like the feel of the way the ink hits the paper.

Just like I love to watch the words fill up the blank screen of my computer as I write.

Love you,