Tuesday, November 15, 2011

No More Cushy Life!

For those of you that don't know, we got tired of Scout stealing the bacon and not contributing to bringing home any-- we got her a job! No more cushy life for her!

Here's the thing about our beloved little puppy... as small as she is, she's a chewer. And not just a chewer, but a destroyer of all things good and happy. She doesn't just chew toys and MacBook cords, she EATS them. Literally eats. It's a good thing her toys don't have calories, because she goes to town on anything we let her chew. A chronic problem we have is trying to keep her entertained with toys and treats and various and sundry not-sock items that she's allowed to have.

Last week she got a dog toy in the mail to product test. Supposedly, this company makes nearly indestructible toys. They say "nearly" because apparently 99% of all dogs that've tested their products can't destroy their toys (They have to account for the 1% that can destroy their toys, so thus the 'nearly.'). So I asked them if they'd let Scout participate and test them, since she's such a ferocious beast.

They happily shipped us a 'sample' which apparently means free actual toy. This is what came in the mail. Looks durable, right? The videos on their website show all the ways they've tested the awesomeness of the toys. Blending for a dog toy milkshake, punching it with a metal machine, more blending, a lab taking a crack at it... I especially love the competitive test result video, which shows all the other toys that were destroyed while the Bionic toys remained intact.

Okay, to be clear, I think it's AWESOME and AMAZING that they sent us a sample toy and agreed to let Scout test it. I hope we can continue this. People are often surprised at how chompy Scout can be, especially when they find out how little she is (12 lbs., 13 on a bloaty day).

We waited for us both to be home since CC and I both wanted to see what happened. Scout LOVED her bone toy from the second she realized the box was for her. I guess she could smell it. She's really smart about knowing when something we bring home is for her, versus for us. Crazy how brilliant she can be (yet, still stubborn and sometimes disobedient. Crazy dog.). Anyway, we were both home and let her go to town with it.

And here were our results...

1. Scout LOVED it! She was obsessed with it the entire time we let her have it. To the exclusion of all else. Nothing else mattered. Not her mama. Not her daddy. Not her other toys. Not the TV she loves to watch. Nothing. Bright neon orange goodness was all she cared about.

2. In less than ten minutes, she had deep gashes in the toy. Uh oh. This isn't going like we were hoping it would.

3. In fifteen minutes, she had a chunk bit out of it. Fished it out of her mouth since it's not edible. Hmm, this seems more normal to us.

4. In about thirty minutes, Scout had three chunks chewed off and we had to take it away from her. She was NOT HAPPY. I repeat, NOT happy. Forlorn, angry, lots of glaring in our general, specific, pointed direction. We had lost all coolness points with the furbaby. Who is apparently a truly ferocious beasty beast.

Yeah, so our little furbaby's back to the pitiful chewer we had before. No toys. No fun. Sigh. I emailed video and the photos above to the company to see what they thought, but I haven't heard back yet. I am hopeful that they'll let her continue to test their products, but I don't have high hopes. I'd think Scout will throw their numbers if they let her keep testing. At least for thirty minutes she was a working girl...

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{cuppakim} said...

she works hard for the money - for sure!

so much for indestructible!

i can't believe she is only 13 pounds! mylie is 20-22 depending on how much walking and eating she has done ;)

what a tiny little critter!