Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Fun

A little Christmas funny for you, courtesy of last week's SNL....

What fun have you been having this season?

We've been busy but in all the best ways! This year we've been reading the Christmas story in The Message version of the Bible. I always love rereading the history but especially the older I get. I always get something different out of it, based on where I am in life at that moment.

Tonight before our beloved family descends upon us, CC and I are doing our Christmas gift-giving. I'm a little nervous about not having ANYTHING to open on Christmas Day itself, but I think this is best for us this particular year. Can't wait for family to get here though!


Jan said...

We just watched this last night. It was hilarious! I had to watch it again (on your blog). We love Jimmy (as does Brody...he knows his sad is that?). :)

Kara McLendon said...

This was our favorite sketch of the night!!! Christopher & I were cracking up!!! I don't know how he does it but Jimmy's impressions are hilarious! Thanks for posting so I could watch it again! ;)

grey rose (they/them) said...

cute. oh my word.
we are looking forward to patrick having off a few days in a row and havung FUN. so excited for family time.
love ya!