Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Pinterest Party!

Traditionally in the past, for years I hosted a cookie exchange before Christmas. The past few years have been too crazy to do it but I was really hoping again this year to pull it off. With a twist. I invited ten ladies (had to limit it) to come exchange cookies and make crafts. The plan was you could either gift away what you made or keep it for yourself. The problem came in that I only had two ladies RSVP with a yes (crazy time of year) and they were skittish about having to make bazillion dozens of cookies. So the cookie exchange was nixed in favor of what turned out to be my first Pinterest party! I totally admit to stealing the "Crafts and Crap" name from Emily. I thought it was hilarious and hope she'll forgive me.

I got some Pinterest-inspired Stovetop Potpourri going so the apartment smelled amazing...

I had no orange, just a lemon, but it still worked. The problem is the site linked to Pinterest says you can use it for the whole month. Not true. The scent died after about a week and a half. And it looked disgusting (although the site warns you about that).

I made Kim's Brie. Which was. AMAZING. I didn't use craisins, I used leftover homemade cranberry sauce. Yeah, I think I maybe licked the pan when everyone left. I'm not admitting to that though.

We made bath salts and Christmas magnets...

And teased my coworker, Larry (yes a man), about being invited and not coming and how we were going to bombard him with Christmas gifts of bath salts. We made lavender, apple, and sugar cookie scented salts. Very easy. Super fun. The lavender will most definitely be given away as I hate the scent of lavender. But all in all a very fun evening. I've had many requests for the next Pinterest party and ideas are already cooking!

While I think, I keep relaxing with my new Christmas mug from the hubby.

Ain't he a sweetie?!


Jan said...

How fun! Love your idea of a Pinterest Party. How fun! :)

{cuppakim} said...

SO FUN. I wish I lived closer so I could have crashed that party!! :)

I'm also so excited you made the brie - that thing is famous all over the country! :)
And I think making it with cranberry sauce is BRILLIANT. That is an AWESOME twist! :) I am going to try that!

And your mug is so joyful! Love it!