Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Well Alright Then!

So the other night Hubby and I had a spontaneous date night on our couch (the way to do it- no make-up and wearing pjs!) with the 20 questions here (found this on Pinterest, believe it or not!). I thought we would do it just to kill some time before Downton Abbey came on (priorities!), but our quick little something-to-do turned into a three hour sesh about some pretty serious stuff as well as some hilarious and funny stuff.

The big thing that came out of it was how angry I'd been with God. Yep, I admit it. Tough to say, but the reality is I was mad at God (the root of several issues I'd been struggling with) because the situation I was in wasn't where I wanted to be.

Isn't that how it goes? Life doesn't happen the way you want in a single moment and without even realizing it, the devil's got this major foothold in your life, which then affects everything! It affects your attitudes, your relationships, your actions, every decision you make-- all without even seeing what's going on.

Well, praise the Lord, I confessed my anger and sin and dealt with it, and I've felt better this week. But it doesn't mean I won't sin again and that I'm overly thrilled with my timing not being God's timing. But it does mean I now realize where I'm at and can pray in the right direction.

Here are a couple verses I've been thinking about relating to this situation I've been dealing with this week, just food for thought.

Go ahead and be angry. You do well to be angry—but don't use your anger as fuel for revenge. And don't stay angry. Don't go to bed angry. Don't give the Devil that kind of foothold in your life. ~Ephesians 4:26-27, The Message

Do I use my "anger as fuel for revenge?" Ouch. "Staying angry?" Double ouch.

God, slow to get angry and huge in loyal love,
forgiving iniquity and rebellion and sin;
Still, never just whitewashing sin.
But extending the fallout of parents' sins
to children into the third,
even the fourth generation.
~Numbers 14:18, The Message

I love this one especially, though I've spent more time thinking about the other one, just because it's more familiar to me. I love the translation here- that God doesn't whitewash my sin, yet still loves me oh so much. "Forgiving rebellion..." Powerful words there. Because anger itself may not be sinful, but I have for sure been rebellious against my Lord, and I don't mean in a fun, okay way.

I have to accept His timing for my life, no matter what. And His timing is always perfect, so why do I fight it so much? Sigh...

Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Sunday Funny For You

I've never claimed to have strong geography skills, and in fact often tell how in third grade I cheated on a test about the states and their capitals, because I didn't know them myself. I failed abysmally and decided never to cheat again. Been trying to learn them ever since...

So this morning at church, I was telling my friend, Jamie, who's from CA about my Bloggie friends who went to a craft weekend in Kansas (JEALOUS!). I was explaining how these friends are from the San Mateo area of CA and asked her if she was familiar with that city or area. Jamie said no and I got confused. I've often heard or read of that area, and was rather surprised that a girl who was born and raised in Cali hadn't heard of it.

I pulled out my phone and did a google map search. I showed it to her and she said, "Oh! San Mateo! Yes, I know where that is!"

Except... Then she lost me! I, being born and raised in the South, was pronouncing it as "San Maddie-o" and Jamie pronounced it "San Ma-tay-o!" I was so surprised to find I've been mispronouncing it all these years! No wonder no one's ever known where I'm talking about! In fact, I'm still having a hard time wrapping my brain around this!

I immediately turned to my sweet hubby who knew right away the correct way to say it-- why'd you never tell me?! :-P Even my even-more-Southern-than-me friend, Jody, knew the correct pronunciation! What the what?!

My hubby, when we were dating early on, corrected me about 'Sal-mon' and 'Ambu-lance' but not this one?! (Yes, Kellie Pickler was ignorant, not stupid. We really do/did speak like that.)

All I can say is now I know, Bloggie Friends from there, and once I can wrap my head around it, I'll say it right from now on! ;-)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Crazy Week Update

This week has been in-to-the-sane! Or more of the not-at-all-sane variety!

LOTS of extra worky work this week due to the worship team auditions/tech team recruiting night this past Tuesday AND the all-team rehearsal last night. All great stuff, but lots of details to keep spinning and lots of things to get crossed off the to-do list. Oh and I'm Shredding. Apparently, I am crazy.

Well, now that we're on THIS side of the nutso week, I can say that God is amazing and everything went off super smoothly. The pupster got to go to Grandma Camp and have a blast, which meant we didn't have to worry about giving her the teensy amount of time we had this week (no rushing home to be sure she got potty breaks, etc.). Shout-out to Mary for Grandma Camp!

Today we had staff chapel which was super awesome! I love when the whole staff gets together for devotion and prayer. And laughter. And way-to-gos each other. A lot. Because we hadn't had chapel in three months. So lots of thankful hearts spilling over. Good stuff. And that was all before free lunch! Wooty! Woot! Woot!

During Chapel, we prayed over our new Singles' Pastor, George. He's cool. He's been doing it since our last guy left to pastor another church, but now he's official. Yay! Also, you can't tell but the room was full of staff. We all like to sit in the back and pretend nobody can see us. Or cut up the serious time with jokes. And pranks. Or devotion and prayer time. Really great stuff.

And now, my weekend is upon me. Praise the Lord! The Schnoodle returns tomorrow and I can't wait! I will actually get to see my hubby for more than a twenty minute dinner break. I know I'm weird but I'm also hoping we can get our taxes done this weekend. This'll be our first year without house mortgage interest helping and I'm curious if we'll owe money or not. So we'll see.

What're you doing this weekend?

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What I've Been Up To

So this is what's been kicking my butt this past week...

And this is what's been saving my sweet tooth this week...

Here's hoping I can stick with both!

Friday, January 20, 2012

And I Am Thankful...

Today I am thankful for...

1. MucinexD

2. Simply Orange juice (for washing down the drugs- I do NOT handle pill-popping well.)

3. Friends I haven't seen in a while that I get to catch up with

4. Worky work and the staff I get to spend my days with

5. Lots of laughter

6. Girl talk during Wednesday worship rehearsals (err, after rehearsals, I meant after. After!)

7. This DVD that arrived yesterday. I am thankful because I haven't done it yet. Please pray for me; I am TERRIFIED

8. Twitter, that lets me do searches on #7 and realize how much butt-kicking is in my near future

9. Bloggie posts from friends

10. Another weekend that is already here

11. Starbucks (always, always so thankful)

12. My pretty new coat that was SUCH a great deal! ($160 coat for $40? Yes please.)

13. My pretty new gloves. My pretty new hat. My pretty new scarf. And it all is matchy-matchy.

14. The SNOW I am praying will come on faith. Please, God?

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Apparently I Read Fast

I've had a cold for over a week now. Not yet nasty, but annoying nevertheless. CC and I had already planned to take off last Sunday and Monday for a weekend trip somewhere, but with a cold looming, we instead staycated all weekend.

Basically, we laid around and did nothing but read and relax. Scouty helped...

Oh the cuteness! Okay honestly, we pretty much stared at the cuteness all weekend. (She was exceptionally well-behaved. There's hope for her yet! Although, by Monday morning she was more than ready for us to be back to work.) Anyway...

So like I mentioned, we read a lot. A lot. A lot, a lot. Did I mention we read? I love Love LOVE to read. It's the fastest way for me to decompress and relax. I don't relax often, so when I have books, all is well in the world.

I told you I'd found a new author, Julie Klassen. Well I had to catch up on all five of her books, so here's what I settled in with (or some of it anyway)...

Sorry it's upside down. Told you I was lazy over the weekend. (For those of you interested in reading these, "The Apothecary's Daughter" was my least fave. The others were pretty awesome. Her newest one, "The Maid At Fairbourne Hall" is the one I read first, and that one was my very favorite.)

I told someone last night that I read four books over the weekend. He stared at me like I was crazy and freakish. Which I probably am, but apparently I read fast. Hubby tells me that, but I don't know.

I did get through the first half of that book in about two and a half to three hours. Maybe I do read fast?

The one real thing we did over the weekend was catch up with these two lovely ladies (sorry for the uber-bright photo. And the random man in the background.)

When my very beloved small group leader moved to England years ago, CC prayed that God would provide not just one but two Godly ladies to take her place as mentor and wise counsel in my life. God as always, answers prayer, and here we have Lyn and Catherine. God is amazing and these two women are perfect examples of His provision.

So what've you been up to? I've been very sadly out of the loop lately. Lots of catching up to do.

Friday, January 13, 2012


I haven't been sharing many Instas with you lately and I'm sorry about that. For some reason, I find it difficult to update the Bloggy when it's the weekend. Maybe I'm sick of looking at the PC after the whole workweek. Who knows. Anyway, here we go!

Although admittedly there's not a lot going on this week... a crazy workweek which included two last-minute funerals (the life of working at a church). Here's hoping next week is a bit more calm.

I used Christmas money (Thanks Mom & Dad!) to buy some new shoes and they came! They're super comfy, not flat with no support like I thought they'd be. The insoles are awesome with lots of arch support. I have worn them all day (and night) at work and been very pleased. I keep saying they're accidentally vegan. Didn't really know shoes could be vegan, but apparently they can be, so I say accidental since it's a perk. I didn't buy them for that reason, but it's neat to say they are, I suppose.

Had to give the furbaby a bath without help from the Hubby this week. CC is the dryer while I'm the primary washer. Since he wasn't there, she didn't get very dry. I think our rat-dog looks hilarious here! She eventually got over the trauma, but she sure wasn't happy with me for a while...

One of CC's Christmas presents I gave him. We are a superhero-lovin' family in our home and so when I saw this spatula I had to get it for him! Since it's from William-Sonoma, the spatula is not only fun, but also works really well!

So that's about it for us, other than BirchBox, which I shared with you yesterday. How was your week?

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Review-- First BirchBox!

Yay! My first BirchBox arrived Tuesday and I am so stoked I can't even tell you!

Basically, it works like a monthly subscription for a magazine, is how they explain it. You sign up (no contract or length of time, you can cancel anytime if you wanted to) and pay right away. Then you wait a month and you start getting the box. It's only $10 per month if you pay monthly. I hated that I had to wait a whole month once I'd signed up, but the anticipation was pretty fun, I admit.

So when the package arrived Tuesday, I admit, it was much smaller than I thought it would be. It fit in our tiny apartment mailbox. However, the whole month I was waiting for it, I did have to keep reminding myself that what they send you are SAMPLES. So of course they'll be tiny. Good thing I kept reminding myself of that, because the box itself was small. Super cute, but very small. Of course, their whole point is to get you to like the products so you'll buy the full size items on their website.

Anyway, I had a blast opening it! So pink. So just for girls. So exciting! Pink tissue paper, ribbon, and a welcome card were included. On the back of the welcome card they list the contents of the box. I can't tell if I got a box specific to me, or if everyone's first box is the same stuff. Either way, I enjoyed it.

Inside this month's (first) BirchBox, I received some fancy eye serum, a lip gloss, a bluish-grayish nail polish, a perfume sample from Juicy Couture(!), and a mini LaraBar (which I love!). Now when you sign up they have you complete a beauty profile, so they can tailor your box to you, which is why I think I got the nail polish (they ask what you'd splurge on and that's what I answered with.).

Since I was opening my box while CC was making dinner, I of course scarfed the LaraBar in seconds. Cherry Pie flavor is one of my faves, so that was gone in no time! It was super cute though in such a tiny form. The nail polish and lip gloss immediately got used, and I've gotten several compliments on the nail polish so far. The perfume is great, but since I haven't worn any in so long, it was really strong to me. I was excited that it was from such a famous brand I read about in magazines all the time though. The eye serum is such a small bottle they tell you to go online to get the directions to use it, which I still need to do, but it's supposed to help revitalize your eyes and help with dark circles (yay!). So we'll see how that one does.

All in all, I'm very pleased with BirchBox. I'm excited because since I rebelled against all things girly (hair, make-up, etc.) growing up, I have much catching up to do and I think these samples will help. And ten bucks is not at all a bad price to pay for so many samples of such fancy schmancy stuff! It's even cheaper if you pay annually, too.

If all this interests you and you want to sign up, please use this link. That way I get points or something for the referral. If you're already signed up, let me know what you're getting and what you think!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ten Favorites

Since today's the tenth, I'm adapting everyone's Ten on Ten post to be ten of my favorite things... I hope you'll share with me what some of your favorites are!

In no particular order...

1. My hubby!
2. Starbucks (the mocha, specifically)
3. My little furbaby
4. My Savior
5. Social Media (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and I suppose Twitter though I still can't get the hang of it)
6. Chocolate anything
7. Books!
8. BirchBox (it's on my mind since it's coming hopefully today!)
9. Blankets/Throws/Sweaters/Scarves/Anything I can bundle up in
10. Lotion

Okay now that I look at the list, I guess none of that is surprising anyone... so here's try number two:

11. Words With Friends
12. Ponytail holders (because my hair is FINALLY almost long enough for a ponytail!)
13. Texting (so easy, so fast)
14. I still love facebook.
15. My pillow (supportive while still being squishable)
16. Socks
17. Candles, especially Slatkin & Co. candles from Bath & Body Works!
18. SNOW!!!
19. Magazines- I get a lot of them. And yes, I read them cover to cover. Every one.
20. Real mail and packages

Monday, January 09, 2012

Happy Sigh

So season two of Downton Abbey began last night. If you are not in the know, this British import on PBS is amazing! It follows the upper crust family and the servants who all reside in the home, Downton Abbey (thus the name of the show). So fabulous!

I've recently discovered a new author (don't you love that?!) who writes Regency fiction. Now for those of you groaning over Christian fiction, this is slightly different than the norm. If you love Downton Abbey with some Jane Austen-like stuff thrown in for good measure, Julie Klassen is the author to follow. I recently discovered her by reading this book...

and now I'm catching up on all her others books! So awesome! I love when I find new authors I like a lot, especially if they're still alive (which usually means they're still writing). Sorry to say, but Jane Austen only has so many novels out, you know?

Anyway, check out Julie if you like that sort of story line.

Friday, January 06, 2012

What I'm Loving!

Today I thought I'd share with you two products I am totally crushing on right now. I got them from my wonderful hubby for Christmas, and I am in L.U.V!

I have dry hands all the time, not just in winter. But especially in cold weather. Dry, cracked, bleeding knuckles are not cute. Ever. But especially on me. I hate photos of my hands so you'll rarely, if ever, see any, but these products make me rethink that.

Here we go...

First you use this on wet hands for one minute...

It's so amazing! Then after the minute's up, you just rinse it off. Easy peasy.

After that, I slather this on all over...

Then I put on my little cotton gloves so I can still use my hands and off we go to the land of silky smooth, pretty, babylike (but not in a creepy way) hands!

Amazing, I know! You can totally trust me too. I'm extremely picky about lotions and scrubs and stuff. Has to be worth my time and all that.

Here's the lotion I keep in my purse for whenever. It's amazing too and smells like cupcakes. I heart this too!

So basically, yes, I need to own stock in Bath & Body Works.

On a similar vein, my first BirchBox arrives next week and I'm counting down the days!

Thursday, January 05, 2012


So my obsession addiction whatever you want to call it with Pinterest continues... Today I'm linking up with Jessica for her PinterTest Kitchen! Woohoo! I'm loving seeing what other folks are actually doing with all their pins!

Here's what I've done lately... I've made these before not through Pinterest, but I'm totally counting it since I have the recipe saved there.

I found these through a friend's blog and what I love about these breakfast muffins is that you can make tons and freeze them. I am forever swinging through Starbucks because once I'm ready for the day, I want to get to work as fast as I can. No dilly dallying for me. The last thing I want to do is pull out a pan and make some eggs. So I make these!

They're delicious and my very picky hubby loves them. I made a double batch last weekend and he froze his half in sets of two and I froze my half individually (He eats two for breakfast, I eat one.).
We've been enjoying them all week and I love it! Here's what my bag looks like....

Sorry it's not the best image, but I forgot to take a photo BEFORE I prepped them for freezing!

The other thing I did this week was put my lunch salad in a mason jar. Here's how mine looked... isn't my lunch bag adorby?!

I've decided something now that I did it. I've been crafting with mason jars and really getting into that, but apparently ANYTHING and EVERYTHING is wonderful for going into mason jars! I need more jars, bigger jars, better jars. Oh, and more salad. Delish! I turned it out into a bowl at work and the lettuce came out first, followed by all my 'toppings' and finally the dressing, which was perfect! I could've eaten straight from the jar, but I had it too crammed full of the good stuff. I can't wait to try this more often!

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Christmas Beach Vacay

While on vacation between Christmas and New Year's, we were very blessed to have the (free!) opportunity to go to the beach. CC and I haven't been to the beach in a year and a half (who knows why), so we were stoked!

It was very cold so we didn't do very much but visit the shore...

But we were thrilled to be there!

Apparently these beach folks love them some Dr. Pepper! They had every kind on the planet!

Mom kept wanting to visit the local pawn shop (too much "Pawn Stars" for her!), we hit up the IGA about five thousand times, watched the movie "Tin Tin", and hit up lots of shopping at Barefoot Landing in North Myrtle Beach. We found this shirt there and thought it was perfect for our friend, Melissa...

We had a blast!

Then we came home and Scout helped Mom pack before they went back to TX (Scout stayed with us, just to be clear.).

We played more cards to determine the championship winners- Mom and I against Dad and CC, of course! Yay!

I also read this book which I absolutely loved! Every page blew my mind. I strongly encourage you to read it. Totally strengthened my walk with Jesus. I've already passed it along to one friend and I have another friend waiting to borrow it. Seriously. A great read.

Back To Normal

The craziness of Christmas and all that that entails is over and hopefully things are beginning to settle down now. Sorry I was MIA for a while there, but now I'm back!

We had a lovely Christmas, though pretty crazy busy. All of the hubby's family descended which was wonderful! We hadn't all been together at once in a while, and since his family is just amazing, it was a fun time.

We played lots of cards...

Received lots of loot (Thank you!)...

And I attempted to take a photo of myself having a REALLY great hair day... in the midst of severe weather, which included a tornado watch... needless to say, the photo doesn't quite capture the awesome way my hair started out. Oh well.