Friday, January 20, 2012

And I Am Thankful...

Today I am thankful for...

1. MucinexD

2. Simply Orange juice (for washing down the drugs- I do NOT handle pill-popping well.)

3. Friends I haven't seen in a while that I get to catch up with

4. Worky work and the staff I get to spend my days with

5. Lots of laughter

6. Girl talk during Wednesday worship rehearsals (err, after rehearsals, I meant after. After!)

7. This DVD that arrived yesterday. I am thankful because I haven't done it yet. Please pray for me; I am TERRIFIED

8. Twitter, that lets me do searches on #7 and realize how much butt-kicking is in my near future

9. Bloggie posts from friends

10. Another weekend that is already here

11. Starbucks (always, always so thankful)

12. My pretty new coat that was SUCH a great deal! ($160 coat for $40? Yes please.)

13. My pretty new gloves. My pretty new hat. My pretty new scarf. And it all is matchy-matchy.

14. The SNOW I am praying will come on faith. Please, God?

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