Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Christmas Beach Vacay

While on vacation between Christmas and New Year's, we were very blessed to have the (free!) opportunity to go to the beach. CC and I haven't been to the beach in a year and a half (who knows why), so we were stoked!

It was very cold so we didn't do very much but visit the shore...

But we were thrilled to be there!

Apparently these beach folks love them some Dr. Pepper! They had every kind on the planet!

Mom kept wanting to visit the local pawn shop (too much "Pawn Stars" for her!), we hit up the IGA about five thousand times, watched the movie "Tin Tin", and hit up lots of shopping at Barefoot Landing in North Myrtle Beach. We found this shirt there and thought it was perfect for our friend, Melissa...

We had a blast!

Then we came home and Scout helped Mom pack before they went back to TX (Scout stayed with us, just to be clear.).

We played more cards to determine the championship winners- Mom and I against Dad and CC, of course! Yay!

I also read this book which I absolutely loved! Every page blew my mind. I strongly encourage you to read it. Totally strengthened my walk with Jesus. I've already passed it along to one friend and I have another friend waiting to borrow it. Seriously. A great read.


{cuppakim} said...

what a dream vacation you had.
seriously, i'm way jealous.
seems so easy and chill. i love it.

Jan said...

Yay for a getaway! And thanks for the book recommendation. I read the first chapter on Amazon's website and then bought the Kindle version. Can't wait to read more!