Thursday, January 26, 2012

Crazy Week Update

This week has been in-to-the-sane! Or more of the not-at-all-sane variety!

LOTS of extra worky work this week due to the worship team auditions/tech team recruiting night this past Tuesday AND the all-team rehearsal last night. All great stuff, but lots of details to keep spinning and lots of things to get crossed off the to-do list. Oh and I'm Shredding. Apparently, I am crazy.

Well, now that we're on THIS side of the nutso week, I can say that God is amazing and everything went off super smoothly. The pupster got to go to Grandma Camp and have a blast, which meant we didn't have to worry about giving her the teensy amount of time we had this week (no rushing home to be sure she got potty breaks, etc.). Shout-out to Mary for Grandma Camp!

Today we had staff chapel which was super awesome! I love when the whole staff gets together for devotion and prayer. And laughter. And way-to-gos each other. A lot. Because we hadn't had chapel in three months. So lots of thankful hearts spilling over. Good stuff. And that was all before free lunch! Wooty! Woot! Woot!

During Chapel, we prayed over our new Singles' Pastor, George. He's cool. He's been doing it since our last guy left to pastor another church, but now he's official. Yay! Also, you can't tell but the room was full of staff. We all like to sit in the back and pretend nobody can see us. Or cut up the serious time with jokes. And pranks. Or devotion and prayer time. Really great stuff.

And now, my weekend is upon me. Praise the Lord! The Schnoodle returns tomorrow and I can't wait! I will actually get to see my hubby for more than a twenty minute dinner break. I know I'm weird but I'm also hoping we can get our taxes done this weekend. This'll be our first year without house mortgage interest helping and I'm curious if we'll owe money or not. So we'll see.

What're you doing this weekend?

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