Monday, January 09, 2012

Happy Sigh

So season two of Downton Abbey began last night. If you are not in the know, this British import on PBS is amazing! It follows the upper crust family and the servants who all reside in the home, Downton Abbey (thus the name of the show). So fabulous!

I've recently discovered a new author (don't you love that?!) who writes Regency fiction. Now for those of you groaning over Christian fiction, this is slightly different than the norm. If you love Downton Abbey with some Jane Austen-like stuff thrown in for good measure, Julie Klassen is the author to follow. I recently discovered her by reading this book...

and now I'm catching up on all her others books! So awesome! I love when I find new authors I like a lot, especially if they're still alive (which usually means they're still writing). Sorry to say, but Jane Austen only has so many novels out, you know?

Anyway, check out Julie if you like that sort of story line.

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