Friday, January 13, 2012


I haven't been sharing many Instas with you lately and I'm sorry about that. For some reason, I find it difficult to update the Bloggy when it's the weekend. Maybe I'm sick of looking at the PC after the whole workweek. Who knows. Anyway, here we go!

Although admittedly there's not a lot going on this week... a crazy workweek which included two last-minute funerals (the life of working at a church). Here's hoping next week is a bit more calm.

I used Christmas money (Thanks Mom & Dad!) to buy some new shoes and they came! They're super comfy, not flat with no support like I thought they'd be. The insoles are awesome with lots of arch support. I have worn them all day (and night) at work and been very pleased. I keep saying they're accidentally vegan. Didn't really know shoes could be vegan, but apparently they can be, so I say accidental since it's a perk. I didn't buy them for that reason, but it's neat to say they are, I suppose.

Had to give the furbaby a bath without help from the Hubby this week. CC is the dryer while I'm the primary washer. Since he wasn't there, she didn't get very dry. I think our rat-dog looks hilarious here! She eventually got over the trauma, but she sure wasn't happy with me for a while...

One of CC's Christmas presents I gave him. We are a superhero-lovin' family in our home and so when I saw this spatula I had to get it for him! Since it's from William-Sonoma, the spatula is not only fun, but also works really well!

So that's about it for us, other than BirchBox, which I shared with you yesterday. How was your week?

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