Thursday, January 05, 2012


So my obsession addiction whatever you want to call it with Pinterest continues... Today I'm linking up with Jessica for her PinterTest Kitchen! Woohoo! I'm loving seeing what other folks are actually doing with all their pins!

Here's what I've done lately... I've made these before not through Pinterest, but I'm totally counting it since I have the recipe saved there.

I found these through a friend's blog and what I love about these breakfast muffins is that you can make tons and freeze them. I am forever swinging through Starbucks because once I'm ready for the day, I want to get to work as fast as I can. No dilly dallying for me. The last thing I want to do is pull out a pan and make some eggs. So I make these!

They're delicious and my very picky hubby loves them. I made a double batch last weekend and he froze his half in sets of two and I froze my half individually (He eats two for breakfast, I eat one.).
We've been enjoying them all week and I love it! Here's what my bag looks like....

Sorry it's not the best image, but I forgot to take a photo BEFORE I prepped them for freezing!

The other thing I did this week was put my lunch salad in a mason jar. Here's how mine looked... isn't my lunch bag adorby?!

I've decided something now that I did it. I've been crafting with mason jars and really getting into that, but apparently ANYTHING and EVERYTHING is wonderful for going into mason jars! I need more jars, bigger jars, better jars. Oh, and more salad. Delish! I turned it out into a bowl at work and the lettuce came out first, followed by all my 'toppings' and finally the dressing, which was perfect! I could've eaten straight from the jar, but I had it too crammed full of the good stuff. I can't wait to try this more often!


Denise said...

i've been curious about the salad in a jar thing. was your salad still fresh mid-day?

Jessica Johnson said...

yes, your lunch bag is adorby. and that is my new favorite word. super smart breakfast muffins. need to try those. and LOVE the salad in a jar. need to try that, too. thanks for linking up!!

{cuppakim} said...

salad in a jar sounds fabooo!

mel @ the larson lingo said...

Mason Jars do make everything better :) So fun! Love your idea of freezing the muffins...genius!!